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  1. The game is already running on the lowest settings possible, and it is running on 32 bit. I can open the game and play it with decent fps, but it crashes randomly. I think the game could handle it better with optimisation updates, as it shouldnt require me to run it on a decent computer when i can count the pixels of the textures.
  2. Game crashed after i changed the game's resulotion and set the game to fullscreen. There are often things that are missing, and some things gives warnings, errors. Is it normal? I checked the console and couldnt see what caused the crash, or its just me being rookie. It happened 2 times. console.txt
  3. If you turn back after you hit a zombie or have a swing, the animation will be slower, try turning back after the hitting animation is complete
  4. 2-3 days ago, i had problems with starting a session because the game was crashing when it started. Yesterday i created 2 new save, and i survived 9 days on avarage. The game doesnt crash when you dont spawn on populated/dense areas. I was told that the game system requirements increased on the build 41, i tried to create save on a mid range computer, it handled better, but was still crashing and having micro freezes on start. Im hoping that ongoing optimisation updates will fix the micro freeze and crash problems on start.
  5. 2-3 days ago, i had a problem about starting my session because of the unstability of build 41 on low-end computers. I managed to create a save 2 times, and i survived 9 days on avarage. Game seems to crash when the game starts on dense areas, and the game causes frame rate drops when there is a event which can attract the zombies at you. I was told the game has increased system requirements for build 41, i tried the game on a dedicated graphic card with a different computer (GTX 970)
  6. You can wait for the optimisation updates. I have the same problem, some of my friends with the same system specs as mine can run the game without any problem, i cant. You cant do anything but to wait for the optimisaton updates and hope for the best as the build 41 is in early access and will likely cause problem on any low-end computers
  7. I managed to create a session without crash. And i lasted for 3 days in-game. Then it crashed again but im keeping my hopes on the optimisation update. Also, the day time was looking like night, and the night was compeletely black. Briefly the game was too dark for me, i dont know why it happened. Im looking forward for the optimisation updates, maybe the game will be more stable then.
  8. Will there be any optimisation update that will at least make the performance better on low end and older computers?
  9. Game constantly crashes whenever i create/load a session. The options that has effect on the system usage are as low as they can be. Im running the game on 32bit version, as it is worse in 64bit. You can find the dxdiag on the attached files. The game was working fine before the build 41, no mods are installed. Windows 10 Pro Intel Core i3 5005U 2.0GHz, 2 cores. x64 based processor Intel HD Graphics(R) 5500, 512mb VRAM 4GB RAM System type: 64-bit Bios and all other drivers are updated. Note: If theres more files need to be attached, please specify the file needed. DxDi
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