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  1. Simple idea. We could add two exercises that will use dumbbells and barbell to improve fitness rather then strength: -Dumbbell lunges -Barbell squats
  2. You got people like HEMA practitioners who fight with medieval weapons ( just check wiki or you tube ), viking and feudal japan enthusiast. I know quiet few people who do train with bows,swords and spears. Its more of exotic hobby but it does make sense. Logic is not always fully applicable in games. If you think logically would chef be good at fighting with short blades? Sure he knows how to cut veggies but its completely different then fighting a person.
  3. Right now there is no way to specialize in spears, no occupation or trait will give you bonus Xp. New trait would be similar to brawler but it would give +1 to long blades and spears ( cost 6-8 points )
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