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  1. Thanks for responding. I'll wait. Looks like we just got trailers added to the base game and this means my allready large car park is gonna be in for some 2 wheeled upgrades So I got enough stuff to keep me happy in the meantime. Edit: If you want to you can delete this post now btw, thanks
  2. Oh and 1 more thing. I was kinda dissapointed when I uninstalled the red colored hood of a red colored car and when I installed it on my white car the hood magically changed color to match.. I was hoping the color would stay red but alas. Its a super small thing dont worry about it too much. I read somewhere that the plans for more car customization are out there so I'm patiently waiting for that day to come. Would be cool if we could paint cars like we can paint walls. Same for the signs. I would love to recreate the car from the movie death proof. Again, Im patient I know you guys are busy enough as it is. Keep it up!
  3. In the picture with the police cars, I was still able to sorta acces them from the ground. I broke open the storage unit to see if I could get in the driver side but I couldnt. Later on in this safe the car WAS on the ground but still clipping into the storage unit The second picture with the generator Im not sure if its a bug but the thing weighs 40 and it fits on a 20 sized seat. I hope its not a bug because it makes the transfer to my base soooo much easier. Love this game. Keep it up bros!
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