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  1. Watch the new episode where Nancy fights to escape the horrors she witnesses at Westpoint. These episodes are story-driven with no commentary. I'm looking into adding voice actors for the characters for the narrative. just need more subscribers and support to show the voice actors the demand for the feature share away and subscribe peeps
  2. Hey peeps. Another episode has been released. I'm looking at getting voice actors for these projects for better narrative. also the video editor is a bit of a lack luster. Take a look at the latest episode and let me know what you think. and remember if you liked the vid, please subscribe.
  3. Alexander's Journal: Infection. S1E1 A project Zomboid story Follow Alexander's journey as he seeks the answer to infection. Link here >>>>s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkoxeIn5GcM&t=333s
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