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  1. I went through my mods and found multiple that were not meant for build 41 so i swapped them to the correct ones and now its running fine. No crashes.
  2. Ive swapped super survivors out for superb survivors and am now crashing around every 20 minutes. This time it crashed when i was just managing inventory. Im gonna try a new save without superb survivors at all and see how it handles it. Heres the new console for the most recent crash: console.txt
  3. Game crashing seemingly at random, if a zombie wanders on screen there's a very high chance the game will crash shortly after. The game also has a little red box pop up in the corner and sometimes the number in the box stays the same but it usually starts counting up quickly, sometimes it crashes immediately during this and other times it takes awhile around 10 minutes to crash. I'm not sure what could be causing it, i do use mods though so maybe it's one of those. Im also new here so i don't know if im formatting this correctly. The mods are as follows: Armored Vests AzaRadio Better Item Category Labels Bloody Zombies Cheat Menu Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars! BETA BETA BETA Get firstaid skill by examining dead bodies Harry's better vanilla weapons names Harry's better vanilla weapons M113 APC Military Used Car Skins OG Occupational Items on Spawn Repair any clothes Super Survivors My console: console.txt
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