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  1. Yes i will try it to reinstall. But now i change it the lenguage "Spanish" to "English" and the game did not crash in the start o.o! but 20 min later when a enter inside of a veicle the game crash xd xd again xd xd
  2. Hello @SvojtotIts not the mods because i did not activate any. And the update its 41.37 its the beta. I know its beta and its expected bugs an error, for this reason i update my full log and my dxdiag, in this case when the beta patch go to full release this error did not happen to me or anybody. Svojtot If you want to play 41.37 you need to go steam, property, betas and activate "iwillbackupmysaves" its the beta of animations for you response i see you did not know bye.
  3. Playing at 40.43 i did not have any problems, but when I try to play the beta 41.37 the menu game start, and when start a new game when its loading, the game crash and close it, did not appear any message. I see a new mode "copatibility mode" i try this, and the game load see my new pj ingame the house i star every perfect, but 10-15 seconds before, the game crash again and close it without any message -.-. I upload my dxdiag info and the logs of the zomboids. logs.rar DxDiag.txt
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