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  1. No mods, I was playing on sandbox but I only changed the temperature, farming settings set to worst, corpse decay much faster, and instant zombification. Otherwise everything else was survival. There was a pretty big hoard just a little offscreen, idk if that might have been what was causing that, although I think if it was I would have seen more zombies doing that, not just one.
  2. Was streaming some zomboid when I saw this weird zombie glitching around. https://clips.twitch.tv/YawningHyperLobsterNerfBlueBlaster
  3. Sorry I'll explain it better. Whenever you fence hop over a tall fence now you drop your secondary bag. Fence hopping and opening doors both share the E button. If you have tall walls next to a door it's very easy to accidentally press E on the walls instead of your door. This is a problem because even though the animation won't trigger while you're holding a direction button the bag dropping will because it's instantaneous.
  4. Could the bag drop for the fence hop in build 41 not be instantaneous please? There's a lot of times where I just want to press E to open my door and the game thinks I want to hop a fence and my character drops his bag even though I'm not actually hopping the fence (I don't even start the animation for the fence hopping). Something like half a second before he drops his bag would be amazing. Edit: As I was writing this I also realized this happens even when you're in your combat stance as well.
  5. I was streaming project zomboid when my character did a strange twitchy animation when he was killing a zombie, almost got me bit by another zombie. Here's the clip of it https://clips.twitch.tv/HonestUgliestPastaStinkyCheese
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