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  1. What the issue is: I've been playing with sprinters enabled. Occasionally, I'll load a game up, and the zombies will be automatically reset to shamblers. This happens more often if I've died and created a new character in that game world, but it isn't exclusive to it. How to recreate the problem: Start a game with sprinters, die, and create a new character. The zombies should be shamblers now. Am I playing with any mods? Some map extension mods, and some mods that add objects to the game (i.e. a silencer mod). I'm also playing with superb survivors, but I don't see why
  2. Hate to bug you guys, but could somebody get back to me?
  3. The game kind of sort of loads (if that makes sense). The black screen stays for like, 15 minutes, but the theme music plays in the background. I'll upload my specs when I get home from campus. I have not updated my drivers in the time period between postings. It is not crashing at all. It is "kind of" loading. The black loading screen just never turns into the main menu anymore.
  4. Okay, did that. Same problem. I've attached the logs. Any feedback at all would be helpful. I don't see how it could be my graphics card. This doesn't seem like a really "high-graphics" game, even with the anims but I guess I could be wrong. Zomboid.rar
  5. Thanks. I downloaded the file and the game boots up and stays running (so no crash). However, the screen stays black (left it running for like 5 minutes to see if it was just loading, and nothing). I can hear the music running in the background, however, so progress. Any ideas?
  6. Done. Here are the log files (I included the entire C:\Users\djack\Zomboid folder minus the "mods" folder, for reference). Zomboid.rar
  7. I'll try this and get back do you. Do you want me to re-upload the logs? Also, the 11/12/19 or 11/11/19 log files SHOULD be without any mods enabled (I'm not sure which date, but it's one of those two).
  8. Basically, the title. Every time I start Project Zomboid, the screen goes black like the game is starting up. Then, after about 10 or so seconds, the game crashes to desktop with no clear reason. This happens even after I disable and delete all workshop mods. It started about 2 or so weeks ago. My hardware had absolutely no problems running PZ IWBUMS Build 41 before that, so unless you MASSIVELY upped the hardware requirements, that should not be the issue. My driver software is completely up to date (as up to date as possible, anyway; th
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