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  1. Sir, you have my eternal thanks, I had located the file, but I did not know if I could delete it, but I saw that the compressed files do not directly affect others outside, something new that I learned. I leave my positive rating, thank you very much :)
  2. Good morning, i entered the game a week ago on steam, a friend of mine changed it for another game I had Then, after the sixth day when I was playing in an offiline game, the game next to the PC was crascked, so I had put the manual shutdown. Once I started it, I had to re-enter the steam account, then when I put the game in, I wouldn´t let myself in, I would put this message and close immediately That was a picture of yesterday, but now this appears when I start the game I have already tried to install the game again, but it does not work, however, after the next day on Monday, I noticed that the error that starts the game has changed. I have a window 10 computer, 64-bit, 4 RAM, and enough space on the hard disk, tampopco graphics present a problem, I could put everything to full HD without problems. If there is any possibility of fixing it, I would appreciate the help, although in my opinion, in the worst case I will have to totally eliminate the game and buy it back in the worst case, although it is a shame since I acquired it 6 days ago
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