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  1. I was looting a house and i was in discomfort because i kept jumping out of windows because of hordes, anyways. i made it up to a house, killed a zombie and then tried to kill this one who ambushed me, my weapon broke and i wanted to stomp him and that's when it happened The only mod i was using was Superb Survivors but i kinda doubt that was the cause of this bug 2020-01-11 16-39-29.mp4
  2. I've had this happen after i updated my graphics driver and i don't know how to fix it The game freezes when it goes into the design your look screen, the last frame i see is the menu but without any character, sometimes it loads the character and i am able to start the game. So in these logs i just did that, and i ran outside in the Studio. (i picked it out of curiosity) I updated my java I tried lowering my texture resolution Compatibility mode does not help 8 gigs of ram and my graphics card is NVIDIA geforce GT 630 logs.zip console.txt
  3. It all started happening when i updated my drivers so it won't crash while i go outside, i did that and now it's even more screwed. I have a NVIDIA Geforce GT 630 and running on windows 7 I was able to fix the broken character select screen by running it in 32 bit mode, Compatibility mode does not help. I assume the reason why my game crashes is because of the zombies and i was right, i went into the game and disabled the zombies and i was able to run around freely. Is there a way to fix this? if yes then it would make me a happy survivor!
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