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  1. 90% of my deaths, i swing my weapon and was just ever so slightly off aim and got bitten because of it. When facing a zed still means miss so you got to aim slightly above or below the zed not directly at them.
  2. The problem with judging a "problem" within PZ is knowing the full scope of what you are trying to address. I can easily put forth the argument that I think on most challenges, the character needs to consume WAY more food than what you would normally consume. Or drink more water than what an average person can get by on before dehydration sets in. In the real world dying from not drinking water can take quite a while, of course dependent upon how active you are. When it comes to PZ it seems some wounds heal faster than it takes to find a bag of chips to eat. I have even calculated the walking speed to be less than 1 mile per hour which is totally unrealistic. I assumed the size of the character to be two tiles high, if you were to lay the character out horizontally and assume two tiles is around 6 feet. The distance the character walks in 10 minutes is only about 20 tiles on average. Which is incredibly slow realistically. I can understand that its a game and the world can only be so big before problems arise. Trying to keep all the proportions of whats real to life in a game is not always easy nor enjoyable. I think if you were to put in real life healing in the game it would take months to heal lacerations, and the impact those wounds would have would render the character unable to do most things.
  3. Durability for all items needs to be tweaked. I can't imagine using a butter knife once and snap. Maybe if these things were made from plastic I can see them breaking during one zed encounter. I get that they want some balance to damage but look how many zeds exist, especially in the challenge modes where they respawn. So zeds are infinite but the weapons are finite? Sure you can endlessly make spears, but I still think the spears even break too fast, where you end up having to carry 5 or 6 at a time just for a regular encounter which means carrying a lot of weight just to make the spears worth using.
  4. Its like when you drive by a barbecue, those brains smell great to a zed and you are carrying that nice fresh juicy brain.
  5. When you open a door be ready to push. Like anticipate needing to push. Sure if there are 4 or 5 pushing wont really help you but its better than getting instantly bit. You can occasionally push the first one and back up, push again, and make it out of a trapped situation. It just takes some experimenting and not freaking out. If you try to turn to run next to zeds they almost always will bite you or grab you. From my experience playing sandbox, I always change the default settings because some of them are silly. So I dont really have any issue with zeds tracking me down like bloodhounds. Turn their memory down and their sensitivity to your input. Not sure why you want to hang out in a house doing nothing for long periods of time. Unless you are trying to find a place to sleep, it doesn't seem like a good idea. There are also perhaps some things I do that you guys aren't doing. Like when I'm raiding, I clear the area around the house before going in. The reason is as you walk through the house they are piling in on the house so by the time you are done looting you unknowingly have zeds outside waiting for you or they are climbing in broken windows. Clear the area first then go in.
  6. It depends on several factors. What negative traits did your character have? Anything that produced more noise than normally? Walking around makes noise. Zeds can also smell you as well as see or hear you. Pretty much you have to play defensively when you are raiding, if you don't you will get jumped. Open doors quickly and then shut them almost as fast as you open them. This way if there were any zeds on the other side, chances are none or one got into the room. Then you can decide on the escape plan. If there were too many outside the door, find another exit. You can craft some sheet rope out of clothes, tear apart a bed or something in the room for a nail and you now have a second floor escape out a window. You can try to take on the group inside the house by continuing to quickly open and shut the door allowing only one zed in at a time. If they happen to break the door down then take the rope sheet escape. Depending on your settings, default zeds are allowed to group up meaning there is 1 zed leader for each group. So if that zed hears something, hears you, it will bring all it's buddies along with him to check out what naive survivor was making unnecessary noise. Always have an escape route, always be on the defensive, never assume a path is clear ever. You can't hide from them, they will eventually get you. So you should always be taking out ones that are a threat to your raiding or safe house.
  7. I'm going to check. There are two types of shovels. I only have the weapon version, so I need to get the dirt digging one. EDIT* Yep I just ran to the hardware store and got the pointy tipped shovel. I had the straight nose one which is the weapon. The pointy nose/tip shovel is the one you need to dig dirt. You right click the ground, you'll see the option "Take dirt" when you have a sack in your inventory.
  8. There is no fill sack? First is the sack empty? Make sure it has nothing in it. Put the correct shovel type in your primary slot since there are two types of shovels unfortunately. The option should be take dirt.
  9. I didnt want to quote the entire OP post but I will address a few of the concerns. One is the zed grouping issue. I also think the "group up" setting is a little silly. By default it is 20 which means zeds will gather together in groups up to 20 zeds and stand there waiting for a naive survivor to come around. I personally dont like this setting so I set grouping to 1 and increase the zed population count and increase the distance they stand a way from each other. This to me makes it more realistic. I also remove the respawn, I think infinite zeds is annoying because the mechanic makes it so if you clear a building and return to it within a certain time frame you will get the "same" zeds inside. For example a police station full of zed police officers. You clear the building and return later to find more zed police officers inside. This to me isn't realistic. So I turn the zed count all the way up to insane, turn respawn off but leave cell fill on so that zeds will move into areas that have been cleared but they wont respawn. It feels more realistic and you can occasionally find wanderers instead of new zeds in buildings you have cleared unless they hop in a window or beat down a door. Also the respawn bug seems to be back where you have a completely secure safe house where there is no possible way a zed could "walk" inside and youll find zeds respawn inside these areas. I had a safe house with all the bottom floor windows and doors barricaded and the only way in was a sheet rope to the second floor. After returning from a raid I found zeds inside the bottom floor. This is why I have now turned respawn off. It's "broken" if you ask me. Also there is a crowd control method. You can use a molotov cocktail and burn zeds in large groups. It's not an end all be all solution but you can generally clear a location temporarily that will allow you to do some raiding.
  10. The only real thing I don't like about the work bench / table idea is if you need it to make "everything". It basically would render on the move crafting much more difficult and annoying. I hate having to go back to the same spot just to make something. I like the ability to craft on the go. Having to run all over the place to get the materials then go back to the work bench to make something then go back to another spot to use it, just gets tedious and time consuming. I like being able to gather on the move and make spears as I need them rather than carry a bunch.
  11. The machete spear is even worse, the machete by itself deals more damage and can be repaired. Make it into a spear, it does less damage and can't be repaired. The only thing currently is that the machete spear looks awesome but a total waste to use up a fine weapon to make a shit weapon.
  12. From my experience, although the spears are great in damage and distance, they break too fast. You would probably need 3 or 4 dozen spears just to get level 1 in the combat related skill. And since you can't repair them, using a machete to make a machete spear is a waste. You can repair the machete but not the machete spear. Once the machete spear is broken you can't get the machete back. It makes absolutely no sense to me but what ever. The machete by itself is better than the spear version. I honestly think this needs to be fixed.
  13. I think the axe requirement for making the spear as you suggest is a silly requirement. I was surprised the base spear didn't require a "sturdy stick" from the build option under General. You need a saw and planks to make the sturdy stick. Duct tape is extremely useful and you can easily make a spear IRL using a broom stick and a kitchen knife using duct tape. How long it would last, probably not long. I honestly think the crafting condition of items should be based on the level of the skill. PZ lacks some consistency sometimes, like building walls we get 3 grades. Why not for weapons do something similar where early on, when you craft a spear its a grade 1 spear which means its damage and condition are lower. Later you can craft a grade 3 spear using the same materials but the damage and the condition are higher. That would be IMO better than just requiring an axe to make the spear.
  14. Okay I am not new. Just need to state that because I am sure I will get a bunch of comments about it. Reading is boring and takes too much time. Yes I am aware you can speed up time in solo mode. I am also aware that there are several mods that address reading but I think most of those are silly. Like being able to hold a book in a primary or secondary slot while doing other things. I propose to get rid of reading but you can either make more magazines with unlockable recipes. One thing that the game lacks is positive moodles except for the well fed but it only lasts like 20 minutes. Why is the game so negative on what you "don't" do like if you put off sleep or are hungry, ect? So how about give us some positive perk moodles, like if you oversleep you get a "well rested" perk that lasts hours and in this time your skill experience gains receive a bonus depending on how well rested you are. Also cooking, it really doesn't have all that great of perks. I don't know anyone that tries to focus cooking. Sure there are abilities to use rotted food without getting sick and the ability to make food that prevents or reverses unhappiness. I get all that. But how about introduce a positive moodle where if you eat "tasty" food you get a moodle that lasts hours depending on how great it was. During this time your skill experience gains are given a bonus depending on how tasty the food was. Another idea is based on killing zombies. Let's say you kill x amount of zombies within a short period of time you receive a "psyched" positive moodle. During this time your combat experience gains are increased. But to prevent grinding out zombie deaths during the time the perk is active you don't gain additional positive moodle effects and you can even place in a cool down before you can receive the "psyched" moodle again. To continue this concept, when you fail on certain tasks (or introduce more failure) you gain a negative moodle. For example mechanic work has a lot of failure with it. This can be the "frustrated" moodle which impacts skill gains by reducing mechanics. However on the other side if you succeed then you gain a positive moodle which increases mechanic skill gains if you continue to work on vehicles while its in effect for a few hours. During this time if you fail you don't get the annoyed negative moodle. Then once again you get a cool down before you can receive the positive moodle again. I would rather have more failure and more positive impacts than to sit and watch my character read a book for 30 minutes in real time. I know, I know, you can speed up time, blah blah blah. The fact is, reading books are not fun and a huge majority of players try to find ways around it using mods. The point is, remove it, replace it with a system where by you gain skill experience bonus through other ways. Thanks for reading.
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