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  1. 3 hours ago, Pandorea said:


    I know it - probably - is too late but did all the layers on that arm get a hole in them if you chack each item of clothing by itself?

    Already dead, the only thing I remember is that the arm was green before the attack and turned orange after.

  2. Hi all!

    Is there a way to avoid being hit when  opening doors with zombies inside?


    I usually put my character in guard before opening, but in some cases the zed still can hit me before I can attack, even if it wasn't "knocking". I initially thought that the swinging speed or the length of my weapon were a solution, but reading in the wiki I discovered that e.g. the spiked bat has the same statistics of the hammer...

    So I'm a bit confused.

  3. 12 hours ago, feral_donkey said:

    If you select "inspect" while clicking on an item of clothing I think it shows you  the sub values location by location.        Unless you're saying that even those displayed sub values don't show wear modifiers,  which I'm not sure about.


    EDIT:  If I remember correctly the wear means a specific location on the item of clothing is missing or damaged and inspect will show you that.   You can sew something back in.

    Yes I know, I was only trying to imagine a faster interface to confront the protection stats modifiers relatively to my current status, cause e.g. yesterday I wore a nice firefighters jacket just to see few minutes later a zombie biting me in the stomach due to a hole, previously I wore a normal jacket, less protective but without holes.

  4. I've noticed that clothes have protection stats about scratching and biting and if I find new clothes with higher stats they are shown in green. The problem is that these clothes maybe are worn out or broken so they guarantee me less protection than the previous ones (like the firefighter clothes vs a normal coat). Maybe there could be added a number/total-number of the protection stats (e.g. 10/100 instead of only the theoretical number as it is now) to show the real condition vs the theoretical, cause only watching the "condition" bar is relatively to the kind of clothes and it's complicated to confront each other.

  5. 32 minutes ago, Pandorea said:

    So... if I unerstand what you say correctly: fast-forward will not revert to normal speed - when foraging and hearing a zed approach - if character is already panicked from a trait (Agoraphobic in this case)? I'll give that a go and see if that is the same on over here.

    Yes, that's right, both hearing and/or seeing, instead indoor it never happens.


    P.S. Also it's strange that making casual characters the agoraphobic trait is assigned 3 times on 4.:huh:

  6. Hi, I've noticed that with the controller it is not possible to open doors with the guard ready. With the keyboard it is possible to hold right mouse button and press E to open (ready to push left mouse button to hit), but, with gamepad, if I press A, it isn't possible to ready the guard with right stick and hit before the zombie attacks. Already tested and already got bitten.

  7. @Pandorea

    Yes, but I know that in the game if a zombie is spotted (e.g. During Sleeping or other timed actions) time will automatically slow down. I've tested this with no-agoraphobic characters and it works, even during foraging.

    I think the problem is the panic moodle, which creates a false positive in the "slow time" trigger. In conclusion if the character becomes panicked by itself, he won't react to a zombie even if sighted and this is not fair, because in reality if I see a threat I'll stop doing anything, even if in panic.

  8. Hi, I've noticed different times with different characters that, if I accelerate time during some outdoor actions (e.g. foraging), it happens that, when a zombie approaches me, time doesn't set to normal speed and I get scratched or wounded. These guys are all agoraphobic and they panic during the action. Is all this normal?

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