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  1. Demergo

    Water supply base

    a sink in the middle, a barrel X will supply water? 000 0X0 000
  2. Demergo

    respawn loot

    How does respawn loot work in containers? Should the container be empty or does it just change the loot after the time has elapsed? If I move a box, do you think new loot will appear in it? In the sandbox respavn loot is included.
  3. Demergo

    Water supply base

    will the water in the sink be as poisoned as in the barrel? If so, can I fill the barrel with boiled water? Can I connect several barrels to one sink?
  4. Demergo

    Water supply base

    I live on the river but still want to provide myself with clean water Can I install a faucet and connect water from barrels to it? What is the distance of the barrels and will the water be purified even if it was poisoned in the barrel? It seems there was such a bug Can you advise how to organize the storage tank for convenient use of clean water