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  1. Honestly, I did not quite understand what you said because I do not understand English, and I use a translator. But when I turned off this mod all the problems immediately disappeared. Although when you install the game, this mod is immediately automatically there. And forgive me that I take advantage of your kindness, and use the pirated version of the game and not the purchased one. I just have no money at all, no .. Pocket spending is given very rarely. Yes, and I have a very weak computer, or I never would have played or even remembered this wonderful game, which at first when I first saw it in the pictures seemed boring to me, but when I played it I already realized that it was even cooler than 7 Days to Die, which I also played, and by the way this was my last game in which I managed to play until the final breakdown of a normal computer. Thank you so much, you solved my problem. At first, I thought you would ask if I bought the game or not and would not help me.
  2. Put the same pirated version for Linux, everything remains the same. Even it got worse because the screenshots can not be made now.
  3. Drivng Cars mod - Aggressive Gaming, Energy Drinks, Free Spawn, Gate, Hydrocraft&OGRM Compatilibity, Logg Wall Upgrade, Loot Zeta V1.3, ORMtnMan's Real Gun mod (Rechambered), Over the River, Pump power Updated, Super Survivors, Upgradet Hiking Bags, blindcoders utility functions.
  4. It is possible that my game is crooked because before that I was struggling with very frequent friezes in the game and somehow solved this problem. And I also play on Linux.
  5. No matter where I stand or where I want to build a log fence, it is still not available.
  6. Yes, I use a mod that allows you to build a gate of logs and other materials. It is called Gate. But even when I turned it off the problem remained. I also want to add that I can not carry anything with a sledgehammer, the process begins and ends, but everything remains in place.
  7. Hello, I have a problem, I can sort of build everything except a wall of logs. Even if all the resources are necessary for it in the inventory. The game sees that the resources needed for the construction are there but the construction of the wall is not available. Please help solve the problem. Game Version 40.43, Building Skill 3
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