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  1. I found out that something called "layers" exist in BuildingED, so what are "walls", "roofcap", "walloverlay", "wallfurniture", "furniture", "frames", "doors" and "roofs"? Is furniture not solid, but wallfurniture solid?
  2. Hi! I wanted to build gates in BuildingED, do I just need to just add them into tiles and furniture and place them just like other furniture or they won't open that way? Or do I need to add them into doors, if so, how may I do it?
  3. Thanks, but what about garbage bins for example? If I add appropriate name "policestorage" for example and put a bin in this room, will police equipment also spawn in this bin?
  4. Also, bro, how to add loot in your building?
  5. Thanks, also, is there a way to use search for tiles in BuildingED like we can in TileZed?
  6. So you need to choose that certain thing you need to add and then choose North, South, West and East positions for this thing or is there a way to do it easier?
  7. I have noticed that many tilesets that are available in TileZed can be unavailable in BuildingED, can I somehow fix it or do I have to do the main work in BuildingED and finish in TileZed?
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