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  1. Kenny780

    Wrong layer

    Hello, is there a way to fix it? Some people suggested making a new custom layer and adding this tile to it, isn't there a way that does not require adding custom tiles? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I wanted to ask how to make a system when one tile changes to another when the season changes (Example: not a snowy tree changes to a snowy tree when winter comes)
  3. I moved the exe file to my desktop and tried to open it from there, it said "LoadLibrary(pythondll) failed".
  4. Hi, when I click the exe file, the programme does not open. I see it in my task manager, but I don't think that I can open it from there
  5. Hi, when I click mapzoid.exe nothing happens, this programme appears in my task manager, but I don't think I can open it from there. I have Windows 10
  6. If you mean "rules" files, then these plants can't be there
  7. I need these two. What txt files?
  8. Thanks, sad to hear. I hope they will open this secret one day
  9. Yea, thanks! I looked there, but there aren't all the names, some plants for example, do you know where I can find these names for objects?
  10. Hi, in Tilezed you can select brush mode(BMP Tool) which allows you place a lot of trees and grass per click, but how can you add new "rules"?
  11. Hi, how to place 2-floor trees?
  12. Hi, There are two screenshots, one shows how it looks in game, another shows what I get in Tilezed(There is some space between floor and skirting board(or whatever it is called)), how to fix it? Thanks
  13. Thanks! However, if I put a bin in a room for example, will loot spawn in that bin anyway or not? Also, is there a way to make loot not spawn in bins?
  14. Hm, so if I put that bin in a room for example without programming what loot should spawn in this room, then no loot will spawn in this bin? Also, where can I find that list of containeers that spawn loot with no rooms?
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