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  1. Hi! I wanted to ask how to make a system when one tile changes to another when the season changes (Example: not a snowy tree changes to a snowy tree when winter comes)
  2. I moved the exe file to my desktop and tried to open it from there, it said "LoadLibrary(pythondll) failed".
  3. Hi, when I click the exe file, the programme does not open. I see it in my task manager, but I don't think that I can open it from there
  4. Hi, when I click mapzoid.exe nothing happens, this programme appears in my task manager, but I don't think I can open it from there. I have Windows 10
  5. If you mean "rules" files, then these plants can't be there
  6. I need these two. What txt files?
  7. Thanks, sad to hear. I hope they will open this secret one day
  8. Yea, thanks! I looked there, but there aren't all the names, some plants for example, do you know where I can find these names for objects?
  9. Hi, in Tilezed you can select brush mode(BMP Tool) which allows you place a lot of trees and grass per click, but how can you add new "rules"?
  10. Hi, how to place 2-floor trees?
  11. Hi, There are two screenshots, one shows how it looks in game, another shows what I get in Tilezed(There is some space between floor and skirting board(or whatever it is called)), how to fix it? Thanks
  12. Thanks! However, if I put a bin in a room for example, will loot spawn in that bin anyway or not? Also, is there a way to make loot not spawn in bins?
  13. Hm, so if I put that bin in a room for example without programming what loot should spawn in this room, then no loot will spawn in this bin? Also, where can I find that list of containeers that spawn loot with no rooms?
  14. Hi! I know that if you need certain loot spawn in some rooms in building, then you need to add config to do it. But how does loot spawn in bins and so on? Do you need to make a building for every bin or loot spawns in bins anyway?
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