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    Black Field of vision and Server crashing

    I Just bought the game today (1/28/2019) around 11:00 AM CTS, I even have less than 2 hours of game play. I was planning on playing it with a couple of friends and my Fiance'. However When I played at first with a mod collection the game kept crashing and the server kept closing and shutting down. We both restarted the game and Hard reset our PC's and nothing fixed it. we then Took off the mod's seeing the glitches that can happen with them. we started up the game with no mods installed and reinstalled the game, we made our Char fine with no issues but maybe a long (about 6 min) loading screen. I got into the game and everything was fine for about 4 min then after walking too a road form Scenic grove. It was around 2:00 PM in game and everything behind my field of vision went black. I could not see anything outside of my field of vision. Birds were chirping so I knew it was still daytime, I could see in my field of vision daytime but anything outside of it was Pitch black. but when she (my Fiance') Would use a admin command the server would crash. I decided too relaunch my game another time. I got back in and it was worse, it was still pitch black behind me but now my field of vision was darkened and there were still birds chirping. I could see all of my stats, inventory, ETC just fine. however I could barley see my char and the road. I walked for about 5 feet and the game crashed. PC Specs CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X GPU: RX 580 Pulse 8GB RAM: 16GB RipJaw's Storage: 1x 1TB HDD / 1X 2TB HDD / 1X 250GB SSD Connection: Ethernet