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  1. A new week, a new update! Quite the array of new features have found their way into the game. Check them out below! Map editor: The map editor is almost done! It’s now possible to place details into the game world. Our environment artist has put together a new map, which can be seen in the DevLog (linked below)! Modifiable environment: In addition to the new map editor, it is now also possible to add walls in realtime (will be useful for basebuilding down the line) as well as removing walls, which is currently done by the way of grenades. Equipmen
  2. We have a pre-alpha demo out! We have released a pre-alpha demo and would love to get some general feedback on the game. You can download the demo on Game Jolt here: https://gamejolt.com/games/fnz/380793 We have also made a few updates on the game: Improved visuals and performance: We have lowered the amount of drawcalls and improved the lighting in the game significantly (from about 3500 drawcalls to around 1000). Improvements to animation: Sped up the characters animations for melee attacks and throwing grenades. More blood
  3. A wild DevLog appears! For this DevLog we have a couple of new exciting stuff to share! Features: Crafting: we now have a crafting system working in the game. You can craft different tools depending on what materials you come across while exploring. Melee Attacks: we have implemented melee attacks. Melee attacks are meant to be a last resort and only works well against a single zombie, since they are pretty weak. Audiovisual Improvements: Lasersight: it’s now possible to see where you and other pla
  4. Part 4 of our devlog is out! This week will be about new features we implemented last week!I will be here to answer any questions or feedback on the game. Enjoy!
  5. Hello! We are Far North Entertainment, a group of five based in Sweden. We have been working together for three years and are currently developing our second game, a sandbox game in a post apocalyptic cyberpunk setting where you explore the world and find materials for crafting tools to help you survive against thousands of zombies. We have been working on this project for about four weeks and have taken inspiration from other games such as Terraria, Left4Dead as well as Project Zomboid, which is why I found it fitting that we let you guys know about it. Our intention for the game
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