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    More Skillbooks mod, books dont appear

    Yes I did enable it, as you can see in the pic. Here is the
  2. The Globglogabgalab

    More Skillbooks mod, books dont appear

    Hello, and thank you for investing time. I decided as a highly intelligent entity to bless the community of Project Zomboid with a mod that adds skillbooks for each and every skill, but sadly in my library there are no such things as computers, therefore I have no background in coding. I used the PZIC to get started. Here is my first code: All inserted down into the scripts folder from the media one. Now, after I finished making those marvelous creations, I went into the distribution section, again, without any knowledge But here I am into my game, mod is loaded, palms are sweaty. Harms are heavy, no spaghetti, dou, because none of my books seem to spawn. I tried loading them manually via Necroforge but no use, as they dont appear there either. Care to help a fellow member of the community?