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  1. jampy00

    VOIP Help

    Howdy Folks, Another hosted (Game Servers) server question. This one pertains to the VOIP option in game. looking at the .ini it would appear that I have everything set up correctly. Yet try as we might, we can not get this to work. Is there something I am missing? This is how things are now, perhaps i need to make some changes? VoiceEnable=true VoiceComplexity=5 VoicePeriod=20 VoiceSampleRate=24000 VoiceBuffering=8000 VoiceMinDistance=1.0 VoiceMaxDistance=50.0 Voice3D=true I think it would be a lot more immersive to use the VOIP vs. Discord as our hope is to be able to speak only when seen. Thanks for the help & advise!
  2. jampy00

    Adding mods to a hosted server

    Thanks for the replies! I knew it was something simple.
  3. jampy00

    Adding mods to a hosted server

    Howdy Folks.. Just started a small hosted server with Game Servers running game version 41.2 I was a little puzzled on how to add mods to the server in particular Hydrocraft, so I sent a ticket to game servers. This was the reply. In order to install a mod on your server we require a download link for it as well as any installation instructions that are available to assist us. Once you have done this we will be able to install it for you. Once the mod is installed it is up to you to configure it. We recommend you closely read the mods instructions or readme file so you can do this. Please note that we do not support the installation of Skins or Sounds on a server, however you can install them yourself with your FTP access. We also recommend you check out our FTP guide so you can install and remove mods yourself. This will allow you to edit and modify your server however you wish, without waiting for us to answer a ticket. So I thought, "Great I'll look into the FTP" But I see no "mods" folder and I do not want to mess things up by adding folder(s) / File(s) in the wrong places. If anyone has some sever experience and is willing to give me a minute of their time, I would appreciate the assistance. I've attached the file tree. If you have any questions that would aid in you helping, feel free to ask. Cheers! 2018-04-16_10-44-57.pdf