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  1. multiple questions

    that picture is after the installation of what you send to me visual c++
  2. multiple questions

    ho, another problem...
  3. multiple questions

    so basically heres the problem sorry thats in french but you can read the file's name
  4. multiple questions

    ok im gonna do that and tell you later if the demo worked, thanks
  5. multiple questions

    hello everyone, please excuse me for my bad english because thats not my primary langage. So here's the problem. i downloaded the demo on steam but when i double click just a little black window appear and dissapear like one second later, im on windows 10, my os is the problem? second little problem is the minimal configuration run the game i need Intel 2.77GHz Dual Core and actually i have an amd E2 7th gen, so can i run it without problem??? thanks for your answers