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  1. blkdeath75

    Still confused about local play(LAN)

    So essentially I need to be running 3 versions of the game (i.e. Server x1 Client x2) to play with 2 people?
  2. I bought a separate steam account for my wife as well as a copy of the game, and for some reason I have NO CLUE how to get us playing a local game together? Is this something that is being implemented with the new steam multiplayer tools? I would think that my other comp would automatically see any LAN games running. I'd rather not use a 3rd party program which I have seen a lot of people saying they use Hamachi?(sp) Is there not a built in way to see local hosts or start local play? Thanks.
  3. blkdeath75

    Survival.....harder then if it really happened?

    I'll have to try lucky, haven't been able to fool around with character builds much yet. I've got 76 hours into this game but I'm pretty sure only 2-3 of those are post build 32. It just seems impossible like devs have switched to accommodate multiplayer only. I could see ripping into a group of zombies with 4-5 people but solo survival and multiplayer survival need to be 2 different monsters. Is there a way to pick you actual spawn point in survival? I haven't seen anything? Also, not sure what "wp" is?
  4. I'm not saying this could happen BUT if it did, it wouldn't be as hard as Survival mode is right now. Pre patch I was able to actually go out and find stuff and build walls, defend myself for when zombies"happened by". Now a days, you're lucky to find a rolling pin for a weapon(where we at? I didn't realize rolling pins were more common then guns and knives in KENTUCKY!). Then when you sleep, zombies magically spawn outside your front door every morning(is my snoring that loud?). And forget even trying to fight off more than 2 at a time(not saying you should be able to but if we're making zombies spawn around the player when he turns his head then we should let him kill more then one at a time). I really do like this game, I do, and I understand you're GOING to die eventually, but in the older version you died from a stupid mistake eventually, now you just die from walking a block in broad daylight. I appreciate the game has to have a degree of difficulty for replay value, but when that difficulty makes me wanna smash my computer because I cant kill 2 leech zombies with a crowbar after only 5-6 days in game just out looking for an axe the ENTIRE gets to be frustrating. I don't wanna be the guy stuck in easy mode(first bite i think its called) and I refuse to spawn items in like so many people do(I'm guessing or everyone else is WAY luckier then me). Am I doing something wrong? It seems the only way to survive a week or more is to sit in a corner and hide till you starve to death or run out of water. Zombies gathering in unpopulated areas en masse(railroad yards, open fields in the middle of the woods) seems unlikely, I could see town centers and suburbs, but there are twice as many out in the middle of nowhere. Call it a rant I guess, I'm just not seeing the fun anymore. There's a difference between hard and impossible.
  5. blkdeath75

    Offhand torches?

    Strong stick(or tree branch)+ripped sheets+gas or something. Also allow it to easily burn corpses or piles of junk?
  6. blkdeath75

    Just a few suggestions....

    Understandable but maybe just a flash of the screen or something or an icon to show I've been scratched. I've died a few times(as a beginner mind you) not even knowing I had a scratch or open wound.The bleeding icon is a bit hard to notice if you are panicked/hungry/thirsty...ect. I would think in reality you would know immediately if you were bit or cut open. This is understandable and sounds like a great idea if they spread disease. How about a torch to offhand for easily setting them ablaze?
  7. blkdeath75

    Just a few suggestions....

    Sorry if these have been mentioned, I read the lists and didn't see anything. Rain washing away outdoor blood? Corpses vanish after looted or maybe a day or two in game(rotting away if not burned)for multiplayer would be much less load on cpu Numbers on the health meter or a health meter on the main screen? Loading screen progress bar(not a biggie but a suggestion.....we like timer bars lol) Character creation memory? (I die a LOT and even if just my name or last model I used was remembered ) Remember server password(I understand people play in internet cafe's and whatnot, but maybe an option to remember you like a checkbox to save your info? All in all this is already a great game and being as it is only in alpha, you guys have a real addicting hobby going on here....ty very much!
  8. blkdeath75

    Local play

    Right but do I have to run the server.ini or do I have to run 2 versions of the game(i.e. server and a client) to play?
  9. blkdeath75

    Local play

    I looked through the common suggestions and read them all and didn't see this surprisingly. Local/LAN play option without having to mess with my router. If I can see my network....other should see my game
  10. blkdeath75

    Citadel Servers Project Zomboid Dedicated Server Hosting

    $7.61US? a month for 1GB of RAM plus $3 to choose to have the KANSAS location? Free for Canada/France/and Vermont?? lol but $3 for Kansas. Oh and it's $7.61 a gig, need another gig? $7.61......3 gigs? add another $7.61 per. Seems a bit pricey