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  1. Okay all work now! Thank you very much!
  2. Thanks for you reply, the Tutorial is extact what im looking for. But in my TileZed i have no option for create .pack file. I Have downloadet here http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4674-map-tools/ with update for 64bit.
  3. Hello! Have some Problems with my Tileset. I have the tileset successfully inserted into the editor and can use it there, all fine. But when start the game the object does not appear ingame. I have tryed some Tutorials but nothing work for me :/ What I've done: - Insert new Tileset 64/128 - Make Properties and save it in Editor file/Tiles/newtiledefinitions.tiles- Make Tilesset in Building Editor, so i can place it on Map. Whats next? Ingame all works, only my custom Tileset not :/ Hope anyone can help with explanation or a tutorial link for the current version of the editor. =) Thanks
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