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  1. I bought Project Zomboid on Steam last night. I tried playing it, and it took 5 minutes to get to the main menu of the game. When the main menu finally loaded, I started a new game. After setting up my new game, it starts loading. It gets to the "This is how you died" part, and then stayed black. At the bottom, it said "Loading." It never loaded, though. I tried playing PZ in safe mode. No change. I tried reinstalling it twice. PZ now stops responding when it first launches. Eventually, it loads to the main menu, though. And when I try starting a game, it gets stuck on "Loading titledefinitions from disk." and won't load further. I let it sit loading for about 10 minutes before closing it. My PC's specs are: CPU: Core i5-4670 @ 3.4GHz RAM: 8GB of DDR3 1600MHZ Video Card: GeForce GTX 760 w/ 2GB DDR5 VRAM Hard Drive: SATA3 1TB WD 7200 64MB OS: Windows 7 I tried searching for answers to this problem, but didn't find any. I'm really wanting to play it.
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