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  1. I remove the sandboxvars.lua, and i can't either, game files? What game files? Explain because i dont understand that about game files
  2. We both download the PZ of the same place, is the same build, the last thing we modified of a lua file, was sandboxvars.lua, since then i got this problem, but in every server, not in this only
  3. i have the same version, and the server dont have any mods :s
  4. Hi, I come to present this problem that me comes happening very of followed, when I try to connect to an Internet server, since to a server route hamachi, it connects me, the presentation of the game appears and then it jumps a cartel saying "your lua files are not the same as the server's. the game will now exit, sorry", I hope that they could help me, since I cannot get to any server, hope that they could understand me, since I am using a translator, thanks
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