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  1. yes, it looks like the game mechanics won't let me change a capacity of a container after it's been created. at least, not as far as i know from the avaialable documentation. i've uploaded a little exploit version. use at your own risk.
  2. i haven't been able to figure out how to make this work, if at all possible. still pretty new to lua. the player inventory seems to be capped at 50 items. there doesn't seem to be any way of chainging this unless i can access a variable directly. there might conceivably be a way to create a new container object with higher capacity and attach that to the player inventory. if anyone knows how to do this, i would appreciate the help. as it is now, you can use the pack to store hundreds of items, but you won't be able to change your primary/secondary weapons or eat/drink anything stored in your pack after you pass the 50 total item mark. so you would have to make sure all the weapons, food and items you want to access are in your main inventory before filling the pack. i'll upload it later on.
  3. you still have a limit on how many items you can carry. i made a dufflebag with 9999 item limit which i'm currently testing. i'll probably upload an update tonight or tomorrow. the mod will add the bag to your inventory when you start the game.
  4. vampires seem to be out of fashion lately. lot's of zombie games, no vampires and a very poor few werewolf games.
  5. BUILD 27 [sorry about the misleading title, i can't change it] tweaks the maximum carryweight to 9999. note: this doesn't increase the actual inventory capacity beyond '50'. it just allows you to walk around with heavy items and a full inventory. use "delete" key to spawn a void pack. this pack is a bit exploitive, use at your own risk. it allows you to carry an incredible amount of stuff before filling up to the '50' capacity. you can continue to fill the pack beyond the 50 capacity (i've tested it up to 100), but this will freeze your normal inventory. you won't be able to unpack food or other items from the pack into your working inventory for using on the go, but it works great for base moving. also, since it's exploitive (and may be changed in next update to not work), you will see negative numbers in your capacity indicator. maxweight.zip
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