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    VHS: Home

    Sorry for the delay; No mods, and I believe it's the latest build, yes. I haven't found any since this post for the record
  2. Sinreal

    VHS: Home

    I've run into a situation twice where, I'll be looting, and I'll find a VHS Tape called "VHS: Home". I'll store it, close the game, and when I repoen the game, the VHS tape is a different name. In this particular case, it's now called "Home VHS: Magical Woodland Fox" I haven't tried playing "VHS: Home" on the TV, but next opportunity I get I'll try it and report back
  3. That's... Strange, but thanks. I'll give it a shot.
  4. I've got a small group of people trying to get on a server, and every time 2 of us are on the server at once, no one else can join. This has been tested repeatedly, and confirmed. Where can I go to change the settings on the server to allow more people on (If that's even the problem)?
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