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EGX 2015

Short post this, because I didn’t actually get to see much (at all) of the show given that we had a booth there ourselves in the Rezzed section and having that sort of occupies all of your time. I did, however, want to mention one or two disappointments. For more in-depth disappointment, I’d...

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Lemmy’s blog currently down (link to copy of post below)

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It looks like traffic killed our site, given that we got a completely unexpectedly large volume – which is great… but then your hosts get grumpy and break your site for you 😉

So, until Lemmy’s blog is restored or this part of the site also explodes in a fiery mess, you can at least read a copy of Lemmy’s original post here: Linky

Update 21/03/11: Lemmy’s blog is all back up and working again on our funky new server: Linky

Unfortunately, we can’t put the donate button on that page, so instead I’ve got it here:

My post about the game (sketchier on the details, if I’m honest, so I’d deffo recommend reading Lemmy’s post linked above) is here.

What. A. Rigmarole.Sorry for the inconvenience 🙁

The response to our game announcement has been phenomenal, and we are officially ‘not in the shit’ with regard to the immediate rent. We can pay our RENT THIS MONTH! AND EAT FOOD AS WE DO IT. WITH ELECTRIC, AND EVERYTHING!

Seriously guys, the response has left us close to tears and with butterflies in our stomach the entire day. It’s been incredible.

We woke up this morning with an unpayable rent, and we reach the evening of that same day with another month of funded development in the bag, and are sure to make some great progress in that time. And hopefully when we get the video out there others will be moved to make such a generous contribution to the project and see us through the month after that.

That all said, if you’re interested in the game and would like to support us and receive lifetime updates, please still consider donating. Obviously any more donations or pre-orders will only go to extend the amount of time we can develop without concern of running out of money. We guarantee any money will go purely on ensuring we can commit constant full-time development of the game.

Again, a big warm heart-felt WE LOVE YOU from Lemmy & Binky. The response has truly astonished us and makes us proud to be part of the indie scene and proud to be gamers.

In other news, we’ve just created the Project Zomboid forum over at the main Indie Stone site, so if you’re interested in discussing the game or what you would most like to see come from it during development, please join in the fun* here.

You’ll also get to meet the third Indie Stone founder (not part of this project, yet) MashPotato, the most genuinely lovely girl in the known universe.

* fun may not actually exist until people start posting.

Follow us on twitter to keep up with news: @lemmy101 and @CaptainBinky


Lemmy & Binky

Ooh, a blog! How exciting!

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Wait, what? You have to write stuff too? This is all starting to sound way too much like hard work.

In all honesty I’ve only got one of these things because Lemmy made one, like when someone has an ice lolly and you don’t. Unfortunately, he then proceeded to write something long and interesting which — oh blast, those are totally the wrong words to hotlink. That’s a link to his blog, honest.

Where was I? Probably at the end.