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Project Zomboid, now with 100% extra Nickenstein

Two has become three in a sort of backwards version of that Spice Girls song. Nickenstein is a talented and horribly jaded ex-commercial developer who we’ve known and worked with for the best part of twelve years. He’s moved into our flat and that, so he comes at the whopping expense of 29p...

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What’s Next? Tools & Art in Project Zomboid

Posted by CaptainBinky | Posted in Project Zomboid | Posted on 13-02-2012


Now that the first version of Costume-Ed has been released, it’s full-steam ahead on female sprites for Project Zomboid. There’s still a little bit of work to do getting all the base sprites cut out and imported into the tool, but once this is done I’ll be migrating my workflow from D-Paint Animation to Costume-Ed.

This will hopefully result in a speed increase in costume production as well as ensuring I’m on the case as far as bug-fixing the tool, and adding improvements here and there.

Features which I would like in Costume-Ed include:

o Various brush sizes
o Line tool
o Dither brushes
o Separation of hair onto a new layer (instead of being part of the head)

There’s no fixed timescale on when those features will be added because, in the grand scheme of things, they’re not terribly high priority.

Sorry that something as fundamental as “female characters” has taken so long to add to the game – hopefully anyone who’s had a squizz at Costume-Ed can appreciate the amount of work involved in adding just a single new costume, let alone doing all the base frames. Almost there now, though 🙂