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Staggeringly High Alpha/Beta Prices

Source article, on Eurogamer Please Note: I don’t want this to sound like a bash of David Braben – he’s still the guy who co-wrote arguably the most important videogame in history and spear-headed the Raspberry Pi and I don’t believe that this pricing is a cynical financially-motivated...

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Have a Project Zomboid Login? Then play!

Posted by CaptainBinky | Posted in Project Zomboid | Posted on 28-05-2011


Oh. My. Word.

This is a bit scary. It’s been a bit of a weird few months – we’ve gone from living off bread and beans, to announcing a game that got spread so far the traffic broke our servers. We’ve had wibbles with payment systems, HAD A CAR EXPLODE near us causing total evacuation, and finally this… the release of our pre-alpha tech-demo.

So yeah, it’s an early build. There are bugs to fix before we go completely public, of course, but its onwards and upwards from here 🙂


Countdown until Project Zomboid Demo Launch!

Posted by CaptainBinky | Posted in Project Zomboid | Posted on 11-05-2011


Over in our forums, we’ve added a countdown of remaining tasks that need completing before we make the demo live.

Note: The above is a picture and not the live countdown 😉

So head on over to our forum to keep up-to-date: Link.

So yes, okay? You can run in Project Zomboid.

Posted by CaptainBinky | Posted in Project Zomboid | Posted on 01-05-2011


Player RunningA while back when we released the videos of Project Zomboid in action, we didn’t have any player running frames. Instead, the walking animation was sped up depending on how fast you were moving.

This, as I’m sure you can imagine, looks very silly when you’re moving relatively quickly. So instead of ruining the video by having “Benny Hill”-style comedy walking, we elected instead to only walk while we were capturing the footage.

This resulted in far too many reactions like, “I think it’s a little rubbish that you can’t run. Why can’t you run? Seems like poor design to me”, etc.

The same logic applies to everything else a human ought to be able to do, and the same answer applies to nearly all of them:

“How come you can’t climb out of windows?”
Answer: Because the art hasn’t been done yet.

“How come you can’t climb over obstacles?”
Answer: Because the art hasn’t been done yet.

“Why are the zombies bald?”
Answer: Because the art hasn’t been done yet.

Actually, this last one requires a slightly longer answer. Characters in the game will ultimately be assembled out of component parts – head, headwear, shirt, trousers, etc. So you’ll be able to customise your character to your heart’s content. The same goes for the NPCs which will use the same system. And since any NPC or, indeed, you the player can become a zombie, the zombies need to reflect the look of the character from which they turned.

So the zombies will have a head that matches the character. Because there are no other heads in the game yet, rather than having all the zombies use a head that looks like the player, I instead made them completely generic and bald – a template, essentially, to work on top of – adding hair, gruesome zombie effects, and whatnot as relevant. But since you can only work on one thing at a time, all this stuff has been left for post demo.

There we go then – now that I’ve finished the sprite frames, in the demo release you will be able to run. The zombies can’t though. 😉