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Quality of Life Suggestion


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The idea is something I mentioned on the discord within the mod channel a few days back very briefly. Personally, I think this one belongs in the mainstream game suggestions.


I still love playing this game. I can't help but feel this has almost infinite replayability but it's how to achieve it.




We need a points system, based on every action you take (and the length of time you manage to survive for.) Handicaps and bonuses to the resulting score based on your character's sandbox setting values. The harder it is by each individual setting, the better your score will be.


When you die, your score accumulates across your Steam ID. As your score progresses, you can unlock official skins, textures, base parts and vehicles that are exclusive to play on an official unmodded server. Or you can use them in your own. Points are never spent, just accumulated, allowing for a leader board of sorts.


I can't help but feel like the score should *only* apply once the character has become deceased. Forgive me though, I don't play online so I don't know exactly how that works.


You could even put new content in exclusively behind this to 'early access' some things from the next updates.


Also you can have the game allocate the player a random destiny. It could turn out you are awarded your character destiny for installing 25 car batteries, or dismantling 100 lamps for example. But the game won't tell you what you need to do. Big score bonus for achieving that!!

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I'm going to try and write this idea up in a descriptive screenshot when I can get the chance. Stay tuned for my next reply.


I took some time to put more thought into this idea, and I think I have it pretty well on paper too.


It's actually two seperate ideas that come together in unity to provide infinite replayability.


First is the difficulty modifier bonus, and how that affects the scoring rate for actions.


Second is the reward for score milestones, and what those rewards can potentially be used for.


Thanks for reading. I'll try to get the next post up as soon as possible.


Edit: In the first reply, I retract what I said about score only being awarded on death. Awards should be instant and *cease* upon death, it makes more sense that way.


The next reply will make a great deal more sense, I'm sure! :)

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