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First off, well done devs.  


MP is a stable bedrock on which you can grow the platform.  The FPS and smoothness of the game feels superior to my former single player game.  Thus far, I have had no crashes or server hosting issues.


Noticable bugs during gameplay:


-zombs can see through walls.  You make no noise, have a sheet on every window, but they come banging as though you took no precautions... Did you give them a sense of smell?  That would be cool...

-zombs cycle through their male and female skins upon death.

-sounds are off when killing.  I'm used to that sound like a hammer hitting a cabbage to confirm that the evil sod aint getting back up again.

-not all zombs are able to climb obstacles.

-zombs playing on their imaginary treadmills or getting stuck on certain tiles.

-zombs accuracy is pants.  I shouldn't be able to kill 25+ in hand to hand combat just by walking around backwards for a while.  It was amusing and felt good, but sort of defeats the point of the game.  Up their accuracy and chance of zombification should be 95% on a bite, 80% if you have thick skin.

- on the pvp front, a friend decided to greet me kindly with an axe blow to the base of my skull.  I bandaged immediately, but was soon following the usual signs of the path to zombification.  nausea, severe anxiety, slow health drain.  I ate the contents of a few houses, munched beta blockers, pain killers, still the issue persisted and would not go away.  I died before finding out what would have happened in the longer term.

- When any player dies, it closes their Zomboid client.  Would be handy to have a reset to a set/random respawn point like in SP.


-this aint MP related... but why is bleach good for you on the tooltip (-60 thirst/-10 unhappiness), but if you drink it then it kills you?  Every fibre of your being says... don't drink it!!  So inevitably you do at some point.


Well, that's me done for now.  I'll post more as I find it.




- Kill counter not working in character menu

- Zombs not spawning any items.  Often they do not even have clothes on their corpses.

- once a building catches fire, it creates a fire glitch over the whole map.  See attached images.  A building fire near bob and kates house was causing zombs as far down as the big urban warehouse to be on fire.  Amusingly, after their deaths the fire went out.

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