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Found 1 result

  1. RyGuy_McFly

    How to use Tile Mode? (BuildingEd) (SOLVED)

    So I've been trying to get the hang of the building editor for a while now, and I finally figured out how to place all the tiles that you can't place in furniture mode (specific building signs, all the stuff from Buildings>Tiles...), but when I put them down in Tile Mode, they always clip into the walls and otherwise look bad. I've seen tutorials on adding new tiles, like doors (for example, this: but I can't get anything to work for me if I try adding it from the tiles menu. It always appears as invisible, no matter what I try and use, what I set it as, etc. This is very frustrating because I see people using these tiles in their maps so there has to be a way, I feel like I'm missing a big part of the editor =( Any help would be appreciated, I'm available on discord pretty much all day if you'd rather =) Thanks guys, I really want to be an involved member of this community and really get into mapping!