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Found 2 results

  1. Outdoorsman Proposal This may already have come up or the perks of being a park ranger already modified to amount to something substantial, but I thought (as an outdoorsman myself) that maybe giving outdoorsman more rapid movement through trees and tall grass than normal? I know I always leave townies behind in the bush and park rangers seem to move with the devil at their heels when they need to. I don't think the same exact speed as when not in woods is fair but like a small speed boost relative to Z's and other NPC/PC's maybe? Or maybe give them better sight/hearing in the woods? – This doesn’t seem as feasible though and is really just a side thought. Open to criticism and improvements!
  2. I went through all of the logging co. buildings gathering most everything of value. Then I made my way to the large warehouse where I fought furocisoly to hold and secure it. When I finally managed it I went through everything in the large warehouse and started sorting and placing things in different storage contrainers on the 2nd floor. I hung sheet rope from all the 2nd floor windows and was about to destory the stairs leading to it. I decided to first test the sheet rope. I had more than enough sheet rope to make it long enough so I wasn't worried about it. When my character went down the sheet rope from the 2nd floor he somehow glitch-fell and injured himself badly. I decided to go back up the sheet rope and he went up it and climb back through the window then glitch-teleport-fell to the ground again and died. I spent hours on this character trying to make a secure safe house and he goes and dies from a glitch. So much mental patience went into this character and it's all gone. I would feel slightly differently if he had died legitly but this is just bull. Is there any possible way to revert back a few minutes, an hour, or a day?
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