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Found 2 results

  1. So I am looking for any information on retrieving and altering the remaining durability of a battery in code. I'm not finding much documentation on their use. Or any mods that make use of them in order to see how it is done. By the looks of things, in a multiplayer game I can use a torch, deplete the battery partially. Extract the battery and it is returned to max life. From the look of the recipes, taking the battery out just seems to craft a brand new one. Though I may be mistaken. Does this mean storing the depletion of a battery is not implemented yet? (Build 27) I would be really happy for any information regarding retrieving or altering the life of a battery in lua. Also greetings! ~
  2. Wud yer consider addin' dis tag so other modders an' meself may use de wet towels in oyt mods an' they gie back a dry towel whaen used. item DishClothWet{Weight = 0.3,Type = Normal,DisplayName = Wet Dish Towel,Icon = Dishtowel,ReplaceOnUse = DishCloth,ReplaceOnDeplete = DishCloth,}item BathTowelWet{Weight = 0.5,Type = Normal,DisplayName = Wet Bath Towel,Icon = Bathtowel,ReplaceOnUse = BathTowel,ReplaceOnDeplete = BathTowel,}