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Found 2 results

  1. Project Zomboid has been, and continues to be my favourite game of all time. It started what feels like a decade ago when I admittedly torrented and early version which promptly lead to me purchasing the game and convincing my best friend to do the same. We spent a completely irrational amount of time playing, before any of the modern features were released and enjoyed setting up camp in the McCoy logging station where we created something called "camp McCoy" and created , by far, the greatest gaming memory I've ever had with my friend and some wonderful people in the community who i returned to a couple years later and discovered that they had miraculously kept it going for sometime and were eager to show me their doubly impressive base. I miss these days, and with work and school being the new constant driving force of our lives, there is nothing we would like more than to relive some of these memories In a vastly improved environment. However, I do not have the time nor the extra finances to purchase an entirely new gaming system just to be able to play one game with my best friend, and was wondering if there has been any consideration to bring this to GeForce Now? I have purchased the game, as has my friend and the only computing machine I have is my notebook that can not run anything other than Microsoft edge. I feel like opening the game up to GeForce would not only be incredible because it already has controller support (m&k works with GeForce anyways) but it would allow so many people in the same boat as I am to have access to this incredible game. I really hope that this is a reality one day, I've been using GeForce lately for my casual gaming sessions but nothing will ever compare to the experience I had playing Project Zomboid.
  2. Hello all, I've been trying to set up a server using Google Compute Engine but find myself being stuck. I've installed everything that needs to be installed, I can start the server, no problem. Only thing is, i'm unable to connect to the server. I've opened the required ports in a firewall rule for all source IP as normal, but when I try to connect, i get this message on the server's console : User jet is trying to connect. Connected new client jet ID # 0 and assigned DL port 16262 testing TCP download port 16262 And it waits and waits, nothin happens. I'm pretty sure it's because no connection has been requested from the outsite of the network on that specific port that the outgoing traffic can't be sent, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried to make it work. Thanks for your help guys !
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