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Found 2 results

  1. I think there should be a welder the player can carry to weld stuff in addition to or instead of the propane torch. See the thing is propane torches aren't used for welding they're used for brazening so having one for welding in the game is inaccurate. Welders are used for welding which mainly involves a spark of gas and electricity rather than a simply flame of gas like a torch. There should be dedicated welder the player can carry with them to realistically weld stuff. It could be something like this: https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1993MillerMillermatic250MigWelder Basically it could either fit in the player's inventory (albeit weighing a lot) or you'd have to lug and place it around like a generator. If the welder exists in addition to the propane torch instead of replacing it there should be some pros and cons to using it instead. Welding machines require electricity so you'd need either a battery, a generator or the still working power grid to power it. Okay so that would be a con compared to using the welding torch (which you just need a propane for) so what would be a pro? Well the welder could use a lot less fuel than a propane torch. Plus it could weld really fast. Also could be more durable than the welding torch. Maybe you could even gain more experience with it per use than the propane torch! I guess if the welder were to replace the propane torch it could be modeled and textured differently as well as renamed. Maybe it could function the same or function as I suggested above. Welders would be found in factories, auto shops and some garages.
  2. Okay so far we have carpentry as the major skill that defines how well we can barriade and build defensive structures, but what else can be done? One idea me and Nagol had was weilding, a heavy armour version of carpentry. It's generally less portable, harder to gather the necessary resources for, and has some safety hazards (especially if one is not wearing the right gear or skilled in the craft), however it's constructs are non-flammable, can conduct electricty for added defence, can brace exsisting structures, and is generally more permenant and sturdy than it's "lighter" alternative. It could be used in construction (building sturdy metalic structures), crafting (making metal-based upgrades and objects), scavenging (breaking down metallic objects), and even infiltration (getting through mettalic objects like steel doors, locks, gun-safes, ect.). The required objects, pro's, cons, and mechanics are up for debate - be free to add your thoughts, especially if you know anything about the craft. The opposite: a quick fix would be more elaborate forms of furniture moving, perhaps even some novice booby traps, like turning a chair over the front thus tripping up some of the zombies, or moving a dresser on the edge of the stairs then pushing it down once the zombies flood the stairwell. Any other thoughts about alternate methods and skills for fortification? And what do you thing about adding welding in general? Any ideas?
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