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Found 1 result

  1. I was playing just a minute ago and I just passed through a window with a dinning room table in my inventory. I sugest: Doors, windows and narrow passage tiles could have blocking values that react with your character size values and with values of things on hands. So a fridge would have a SIZE of 1x1x2 value, a dinning room table would have a 2x2x1 size (x,y and height) so if it would pass a window (0.5x1) neither would pass, but both could pass a door (1×2). The same logic could apply to long items as spears. Some containers could also use "size limiters" for example, you cant put a small fridge (1 area x 1.5 height) inside a slim locker (0.5 area x 2 height), but slim lockers could fit spears, bats, etc. I know all items have the value that represents a volume and weight, but I think it would be nice running through forest or jumping a window and getting stuck because a long or big item or funiture got stuck. I also sugest: TOLERANT "stuck values" - A spear on your back has a chance to slow you down as it would stuck on doors / windows/ tree branches --> TOLERANT means that this just slows you down a bit but rarely could make your spear drop or make you trip. ABSOLUTE "stuck" values --> you cant absolutely not never pass the big fridge though the tiny window. A SIMPLE APPROACH --> An encumbrance value, if it reaches a limit: Frige = 2 window = 1 So it would not pass, and in transit it would immediatelly drop the item or make you trip. Closer values like "small fridge = 1.5" and Medium window = 1.6" would slowly pass with a timing buildup, as it would represent a struggle to pass stuff through doors, like carryng new fridge to our home in real zedless life. I think containers and bags could also have a shape liming value, so a tip of the spear is outside your camping bag but you cant store a table inside the bag. As papers fly or get wet and destroyed, I think a local umidity value could react with item materials, as book left ouside or electric households would have a damaging buildup etc.
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