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Found 3 results

  1. Roni

    Project Survive

    Project Survive IP: PORT: 27900 DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SdYAF8bX9g Arizona Season 1 | Survival Experience - RPVPE - Semi Vanilla - Balanced | WIPE: 07.04.2024 Mature individuals are welcome. On the server, you will have the opportunity to craft many essential survival items, engage in trading, and more. It is an RPVPE server, killing without reason is prohibited. Players are expected to engage in RPVP on the server and strictly adhere to the absolute rules. Forge your character and survive the apocalypse. Chronicle of Project Survive No one could foresee the horror that would strike when the first rumors began to circulate about a strange flu epidemic sweeping through Kentucky. Authorities swiftly reacted, imposing a quarantine around Louisville and reassuring the population that everything was under control. But those were just lies... A few days later, leaked videos revealed the extent of the catastrophe. Hordes of bloodied zombies roamed the streets, feasting on the remains of the humans they encountered. Military forces, captured in the footage, desperately tried to stop them, but their bullets seemed powerless against this tide of the undead. Some zombies, with terrifying ferocity, relentlessly advanced, drawn by the noise of the battles, their faces devoid of any human emotion, filled with raw and empty violence. In the days that followed, the president addressed the nation in a message of calm and assurance, asserting that the situation was under control. But as the disease continued to spread, alarming reports began to pour in from all corners of the globe. It became evident that what was happening in Louisville was only the beginning of a global catastrophe. The armed forces, initially mobilized to contain the epidemic, were quickly overwhelmed. Disillusioned soldiers abandoned their posts near the Louisville exclusion zone, convinced that the battle was lost from the start. Evacuation orders were hastily issued, tens of thousands of people ordered to leave their homes overnight, without any real explanation. "Leave everything behind, take only the essentials!" shouted a soldier as I tried to save some personal belongings from my ruined home. Arizona Season 1 We were evacuated urgently aboard an Airbus A310 from an area ravaged by the epidemic. As the plane flew over the vast desert expanses of Arizona, tension was palpable among the passengers, each wondering what the future held. Suddenly, a scream of terror ripped through the atmosphere. No one had seen the Zomboïd lurking in the shadows at the back of the plane until it was too late. Panic spread like wildfire among the other passengers, creating indescribable chaos. Some screamed in terror, others rushed towards the emergency exits in a desperate attempt to escape. The soldiers on board opened fire on the first bitten passengers. In this aerial pandemonium, the boundary between life and death seemed to blur. While the soldiers struggled to contain the infection, the plane was shaken by brutal turbulence. In a moment of panic, a passenger opened the emergency door, triggering a howling wind that violently sucked everything nearby. By miracle, in this moment of madness, the zombies were sucked out through the door as they tried to pass. Some passengers managed to take refuge in the cockpit safely, while others clung to their seats, tightening their seat belts as the plane plunged towards the ground. Then came the dull impact. The pilot tried to manage the landing as best he could, succeeding in landing the plane in the arid desert, but the impact was violent. The sand rose in a suffocating whirlwind, enveloping the debris in a shroud of dust and desolation. When the silence finally fell, the sinister scene revealed a scene of devastation. More than half of the passengers had perished in the crash, their broken bodies scattered among the debris. Others lay severely injured, groaning in pain in the agony of their wounds. But among them, some had miraculously survived, emerging from the wreckage with still-beating hearts. Driven by panic and survival instinct, some moved away from the wreckage in the hope of finding help or shelter, while others remained near the wounded, desperately seeking ways to help them. Among those who ventured further, an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion prevailed. Without clear direction or leadership, each individual tried to navigate through the arid desert, unaware of what their best chances of survival were. Meanwhile, near the wreckage, those who remained struggled to stabilize the wounded with the limited resources at their disposal. The threat of Zomboïds lurking in the darkness grew with each passing moment. Unsure of what the future held or even where they were, they faced a difficult choice: to stay together in the hope of increasing their chances of survival or to venture into the unknown, guided by survival instinct. Night fell, enveloping the desert in a cloak of darkness, leaving the survivors alone with their thoughts and fears in this suddenly hostile and unpredictable world.
  2. Lost Souls Is a recently created server with the goal to expand our player base and provide a great Project Zomboid experience to any player who decides to join us on our adventure. We hope to one day have a large community full of good sported survivors ready to fight and survive against zombies and other players alike. Features: We are using a Valheim ProMax plan that includes: - AMD Ryzen 5600X 3 logical cores of 3.70Ghz CPU, DDR4 10GB Guaranteed, 100GB NVMe SSD, DDOS protection. Perfect for hundreds of mods with little lag or issues - PVPVE (Player Vs Player Vs Enviornment) - Some quality of life mods we have are skill journals to recover half the XP you lost, the ability to train mechanics, and XP boosts for harder to obtain skills - Some mods to increase difficulty are lower vehicle conditions, and danger moodles. We are also having a community set system where the community itself can decide the fate of our server such as what mods everyone would like introduced to the server. We aim to create a semi realistic and hardcore gaming environment for our server to make sure things have a purpose rather than an easier server where you can just as easily get everything back on most other servers after a death. We are also having a community set system where the community itself can decide the fate of our server such as what mods everyone would like introduced to the server. We aim to create a semi realistic and hardcore gaming environment for our server to make sure things have a purpose rather than an easier server where you can just as easily get everything back on most other servers after a death. Come and join us on our journey! IP: PORT : 8793 https://discord.gg/z4PbWkzqgu
  3. Hello! Our discord server is currently in the process of upgrading, and on March 29th, we are opening with a new wipe! We have some RP, but it's not enforced just encouraged. There isn't many rules, and we encourage players to make their own factions and communities. Please come check out our discord channel, where we will be updating over the next few days and adding more lore. We have quite a few players waiting for this server to open, and we would love for you to be one of the first to break new ground! The server will be dedicated 24/7, have admin support and 64 max player cap. Please come visit us on discord for more info! https://discord.gg/FxPGPKv
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