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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I want to start this post by saying Project Zomboid is one of my favorite games of all times. I also love supporting indie projects like this with a passionate team behind and because even if it's still in development it offers an incredible quality and more playability than most EA games out there, I'll support it all the way. Now, that said, there is something that as an intersex person and physically androgynous AFAB has been bothering me quite a lot: the binary choice in character creation. This is an issue in the vast majority of games, I'm aware, and realistically speaking it doesn't make much sense, and I know how you guys care about realism. My suggestion could help you improve character creation significantly and in a way that isn't that hard to implement too. I'm a roleplayer so I wouldn't play a non-binary character in 1993 Kentucky anyway, it wouldn't make sense. By that I mean my characters are non-binary, for sure, but the word for it and use of gender neutral pronouns wasn't a thing back then so this isn't what I am asking for since we don't have the use of pronouns in this game at all (up untile NPCs get implemented at least). If you want to keep the initial binary choice for the pronouns in the future, for the dialogues with the NPC, I think it's no problem and is realistic considering the setting. The only change I'd like isn't about gender but body variations and natural diversity. That's why I'd ask is for both M and F characters be able to chose between three body types (the initial two and one maybe a bit in between, slim like the F model but less curvy), and a toggle on both facial hair growth and boobs. Just that. With that in the game, I'll finally be able to play a character that is like me and I don't get uncomfortable playing a character with boobs but don't have to get the whole ma beard too. I have a beard but relatively smaller to what ends up being in the game when it is overgrown. If you can add between two options of facial/body hairiness too there, that would just be perfect. So for clarity, here is the suggestion summarized in order of importance : ◼️ Facial hair toggle for both M and F characters ◼️ Breast toggle on/off for F characters ◼️ 3 body types for each "gender" : 1 that is the current male body type, 1 that is the current female body type, 1 that would be in-between ◼️ 2 different hairiness levels for facial hair Thank you for the time you took reading my suggestion. Have a great day and keep up the good work!
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