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Found 7 results

  1. Servidor Brasileiro 24/7 Hardcore “ Sobreviva em um mundo pós-apocalíptico cheio de ação e perigo em nosso servidor de Project Zomboid! Lute contra gigantescas hordas de zumbis, construa fortalezas e trabalhe em equipe com outros jogadores para sobreviver. Com uma comunidade ativa e amigável, você nunca estará sozinho na luta pela sobrevivência. Junte-se a nós agora e comece sua jornada épica!” discord.gg/UgYCPnAhMP IP: Porta: 16261
  2. Hello Indie and hello everyone I came here again to ask you guys to add some animations to vehicles like for example the door opens when the character enters, breaks the glass when the window goes down to have the slow down animation and it just doesn't disappears, has the animation of opening the trunk and leaving it open. These animations are simple but they make a difference both in MP and SP it would be much more detailed and the game much more realistic this is just one more suggestion I give and once again thank you very much.
  3. Hello Indie and developers came here again to make a new suggestion. For example, the character eats too much and does not do physical activities, gymnastics or anything he could physically get fatter with time or if he put the obese peark he would already spawn in the fat world. This would be useful for the skinny one, too, for him to spawn in the world already thin and with less strength, or for the character to eat very little and walk a lot if he physically emagresses. It's quite a suggestion but I think it would address more realism in the game. Thanks again for this game
  4. Hello Indie and developers I came here again to give you a very good suggestion what do you think the character can push the car if he runs out of gas but it won't be so easy he will have to have at least 4 physical fitness and strength at a fair price to be able to push heavy cars, right? Thanks again for this wonderful game.
  5. Hello Indie and developers came here to give a suggestion to change the fire animation as the game is evolving very fast and you can't leave an important animation like this behind, as the game preaches realism you could change the fire animation for a more realistic one because the game is 3d and the fire is practically 2d so it doesn't match. But that's all I hope you'll grant my request and thank you for this wonderful game.
  6. Hello, i tryng to make some mods, and anyone can post the wheelie bin script please, really i didnt find . Where i can find? I searched in all 0.2.0 versions. Sorry bad english
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