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Found 1 result

  1. Okay! In my endeavour to create a "Boltcutter" item, I'm comfortable with creating my own sprite, and it acting as an inventory item- There's 2 things I need to know however that relate to "Affecting the world" which are: 1: I have FORGOTTEN! the name of the lua file that the "OnGameBoot" event uses to cycle through literally everything on the map, I had it last night at 2am, but forgot to put it in my notes! (If anyone can help I'd appreciate that!) 2: Creating my own IsoObject. I'm happy that I can overwrite the "OnFillWorldObjectContextMenu.fetch" when a player right clicks a square, but ultimately what I am looking for is where the "v:getSprite():getProperties();" is originally set. (v is just the instance of the IsoObject right clicked in the fetch.) Once I know where the IsoObject:setProperties() takes place, I should be able to dig out the "Default" Chain link fence sprites. I ran all of the methods I could find in the javadoc to try and dig out any kind of unique identifier I could- Perhaps the IsoObjectType is set in the map editing suite somewhere? Anyway, I'd bet this would be a useful thread to anyone actually wanting to affect the world, in particular default items. Cheers in advance!
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