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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for a laid-back Australian PZ Server? And is welcoming to new players? Look no further than -AU- Moxis FunLand (Modded), This is a Dedicated Australian Server (32 slots) that is looking for Veterans and New players alike! We also have a Discord server if you're interested, come say hello and make new friends along the way! We would love to have you join us! Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2eRZYBvHCs Server IP: Port: 29000
  2. Welcome to Sealab, Survivors. SEASON 2 HAS STARTED - FRESH WIPE AS OF A FEW DAYS AGO with 5 brand new maps, the addition of crawlers and 2% sprinters, dozens of new vehicles, custom music w\ a tape players in all cars, vanilla weapons overhaul and much more, see below for the full mod list. All balanced overall for a harder for challenging but rewarding experience. *Please make your server USERNAME your RP NAME** (until the patch comes out that lets us use firstname lastname properly) and use a brand new username this season for fresh minimap/map data as that is all stored client side. The SEALAB offers an expanding, robust, modded, Project Zomboid experience that does not hold your hand but gives new players enough to get by. PvP is on but it needs to be induced via RP VOIP and there is no KILL ON SIGHT (KoS). We have friendly server admins and a mature community. Server IP: (port 16261 if you need it) Password: Sealab?2021 Username/Password is chosen on login. Join our discord for questions, comments, suggestions and anything else! Join our discord but please follow the rules and keep chat to the proper channels. Thank you. SEALAB DISCORD ACCESS ---> https://discord.gg/fGwbr5Czs7 FULL MOD LIST ---> https://pastebin.com/S3mVtjCT **Mods are chosen with RP, balance, flavor, world building, and quality of life in mind as our servers ethos.** FEATURES: West Coast 300mb Upload CANADA/USA Server. Great ping from almost all of western USA and Canada, but even Texas has been fine. 28 Player Slots / Dedicated Bare Metal Intel Xeon 6 Core 12 Thread 32GB Memory Allocation & 255 GB SSD Age 18+ Community / Mature, professional, fun, and laid back community. RP encouraged! VOIP Required (Set your VOIP hotkey) New Player Friendly (New? No Problem, we are here to help on our discord! Starter kit is unlocked halfway through the month) Veteran player satisfactory guaranteed. (Power/water are off, zombies groups bigger, roam a bit more, sprinters on ,very late into the zombie pandemic) Faction based server. Join one or create your own! PVP is On when flagged - No Kill on Sight unless RP induced through VOIP - Has to be a reason for the PvP. Be creative. Modded Server - Mods are chosen with Quality of Life , RP, flavor, and balance in mind. No mods that make fighting zombies easier or weapons stronger. Custom music tapes added including Aphex Twin, Prodigy, DnB, early 90's electronic music, and lots more - Suggest your own tapes on our discord and they may make it into the next seasons music update! Loot Respawn = 120 (5 days) in game hrs for containers less than 5 items. (loot is a bit more rare for all players here) 5 Free Trait Pts // 2.5x Exp Gain // 2x Read Speed Safehouses w\ Respawn ON Daily Server Restarts to improve server stability and keep mods up-to-date. Workshop mismatch errors can be reported in server tech support and we can schedule a reset asap. Admin Active on Discord for tech support and questions. Open to suggestions on our discord. Discord is open for your own private text channels, voice channels, and more. Thanks, let me know if you have any questions! -Danger
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