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  1. Is this server plagued by the same issues of players robbing you blind in the night, like I've seen on just about every other server I've been on?  Plenty of servers say no griefing, but none that I've joined really seem to care that players just loot your otherwise-secure base in your sleep.


    I know that something like that couldn't be enforced 100%, but I'm curious if it is recognized and treated as a "bad thing."


    That's been my main issue with all the other servers, if it's not a big one here, I'll probably be sticking around -- Everyone else certainly has been raving about how great it is.

  2. I'd love to see if anyone can get a server running this map -- and hopefully whitelist it to people interested in playing nice.  This map is just too incredibly massive to keep to oneself.  Though, in the interim, I'm hoping to reach the prison and go all Walking Dead.

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