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    Fernando got a reaction from elaintahra in What's a good safehouse?   
    This is my base.
    I like it because it's two stories, has a forest nearby for me to cut down, looks nice, and runs along a path for me to use to run directly to the city.
    But I'm not the kind of guy who escapes. No. I'm too stubborn for that. At the moment, there's a horde to the west of me sitting just on the corner of that road thanks to the alarm of a house nearby.
    I've built a shit ton of walls and fortifications around my home, and I'm not going to let that effort go to waste.

    It doesn't matter where you build so long as it's out of the way of zombie traffic. Later on, you can just go outside with a few shotgun shells and draw them away while thinning them out a little in the process. That's what I've been doing.
    I've taken out three hordes like this.
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