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A damn good day!

by Nick on Mar.30, 2011, under Project Zomboid

Yesterday’s work was an absolute joy!

A bunch of new important features went into Project Zomboid, and all very smoothly too!

I did some finishing-up work on my fire-spreading algorithm, and added a system to make the fire light up the surrounding areas.

Then myself and Binky sat down with it and he had some great ideas on how to improve that lighting with the addition of flickering/light-pulses, and a non-linear falloff of flame colour, to better simulate the effect of fire illuminating the surrounding area. So that went in, it looked totally ace, and we all did high-fives. (As a boon, I totally screwed up the light-flickering code on my first attempt, and we got an amazing disco lighting effect, which we have kept for later!) ;)

Whilst all of this was going on, Lemmy was hard at work with melee weapons, and got the baseball-bat code in place. Plus he did a ton of stuff for the item-crafting system. He made a new item-crafting interface and you can now combine Booze bottle+Rag+petrol to make a batch of Molotov cocktails! He then tied that into the new fire/illumination stuff and hey presto! You can now craft your own petrol bombs and watch the pretty carnage! :D (Further high-fives happened at this point!)

For comparison purposes, here is the first version of the fire (without clever lighting) -

(Click to increase pixular expandment.)

And here it is with the new improved system (we think it makes a huge difference) -

(Pressify left mousal button to enhanceulate.)

Read Lemmy & Binky’s blogs about it here & here.

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Oh whoops!

by Nick on Mar.28, 2011, under Project Zomboid

So I tried my hand at writing a water-physics/fluid-dynamics system for Project Zomboid.

The result isn’t quite what I expected:

(Click to see full size.)

Fire poses a real threat to your survival in the game, as you could spend ages barricading your chosen safe-house, and stocking it with precious salvaged supplies, then have the whole thing go up in smoke after miss-throwing a home-made Molotov cocktail or some other crafted incendiary device. Another scenario could be a zombie knocking over a brazier near your current lodgings.

The fire is designed to spread in organic/non-predictable ways, rather than simply spread out in a ring. This is to add an extra challenge to getting the thing extinguished before it ruins all of your hard work.

Plus it looks really cool! ;)

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What’s a Zomber?

by Nick on Mar.22, 2011, under Project Zomboid

Hello, people of blogworld!

I now live on a couch at a house with some friends (they have beds, mind. We don’t all live on the couch).

I’ve just left the commercial games industry to join Lemmers, Blinko & Madge at the indigo-stone!┬áThis is because I was incredibly excited by the monsters game (or something) that they showed me.

But seriously – I’m over the moon to be a part of Project Zomboid. It’s looking amazing already and we have big plans for where it can go, and a clear vision of how to get there. (With lots of help from the community!)

It looks like this -

(Click for full size)

Read about the game and look at more pretty pictures of brains smeared across walls on Lemmy & Binky’s blogotrons:

Project Zomboid info from Lemmy
Project Zomboid info from Binky

Hugs, rainbows, balloons and exploded intestines,


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