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  2. Closed game, re-entered, and the bug does not seem to continue.
  3. First noticed it when I entered the shed East of the fire-station in rosewood.
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  5. I know is crazy, but better than they going around the fence. When a zombie see the player through pre generated high fences they tend to circulate through it and its a bit unrealist. my ideia: zombies can make holes in high fences instead of going around it. And Since build 41 give the player the oportunity to jump this tipe of fences, why zombies cant destroy it too? Player can repair the fences using wooden planks for wooden fences and wire for wire fences. I add a example picture that i made, not the best but can help you guys undestand what i say.
  6. Door disappear when its open, also zombies will go straight through those wired windows.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Poking about in server/vehicles/vehicles.lua I noticed that int he Vehicles.Update.Heater function at line 503 it states : if part:getModData().active and vehicle:isEngineRunning() then VehicleUtils.chargeBattery(vehicle, -0.000035 * elapsedMinutes) end Should it not be and not vehicle:isEngineRunning() to drain the battery?
  9. I know that there are a few different people with the same error here but I cannot find any of them.... My buddy just started a server and 3 of us are running into the same issue of getting stuck with a blank screen and "Click to Start" blinking at the bottom. we can wait for hours with it just flashing no errors or anything until someone clicks Enter on their keyboard. The thing is, yesterday I was able to get the map perfectly fine. We are running quiet a few mods, the server was just restarted, tried spawning in mauldra and west point with no success. Have tried varifying in steam, deleting the Zomboid folder under users, completely uninstalling the game and mods, restarting my PC, and removing all mods before launching I understand that the Hydrocraft modpack is giving some errors, but they were prevelant prior to this error when i was still okay to join so I am assuming that is not the error. Pc can handle this game perfectly fine for me and the other guys so I dont know what the issue is. Please send help! Small update: Launching ProjectZomboid64 Batch File allows me to hear Wind, but still stuck with the flashing Click to Start Update 2: comparing to someone else who can connect, we have a difference in Consol log here: STATE: enter zombie.gameStates.IngameState 1582320703057 Init ISContextManager 1582320703084 Adding MANYBAGS to NecroForge 1582320703085 Adding Upgraded Hiking Bags to NecroForge 1582320703086 Waiting for player-connect response from server Processing delayed packets... 1582320703378 LuaNet: Loading... 1582320703389 znet: UpdateRichPresenceConnectionInfo 1582320703389 znet: UpdateRichPresenceConnectionInfo: status=In game, connect=+connect 1582320703458 FBO: creating 2048x2048 1582320703478 znet: ZNetFriends::OnPersonaStateChange FirstNAME:WaterFox 1582320703563 FBO: creating 4096x4096 1582320703565 FBO: creating 4096x4096 1582320703570 IsoRegion: Receiving changed datachunk packet from server 1582320703571 Client max bytes buffer = 9644, chunks = 62 The difference startes after Adding Upgraded hiking bags, where mine just says: Feb 21, 2020 4:28:35 PM zombie.GameWindow run SEVERE: null java.lang.NullPointerException log_2.txt
  10. .... That’s a nonsensical response. Do I even have to explain why for you, or are you done? Yeah, that’d work.
  11. Also, items could switch to 'refrigerated' state when the temperature doesn't quite reach freezing temp. Having to craft a specific external food storage or something for this would be totally fine imo, if it's possible to implement that way.
  12. Hello, I would like to know more about clothings in v41, more specifically the generation of XML. media\clothing\clothing.xml - This file creates specific respawn for professions, for example, makes the zombie declared as Firefighter respawn only in fireman's clothes without mixing with policeman or any other. This file uses code that I believe is generated by some type of programming or website. Example: 56e0b193-733d-4061-9a73-167f6b253ec7 This code represents the Jacket_Fireman detailed in media\clothing\clothingItems\Jacket_Fireman.XML And with the respawn set at a 50% (0.5) chance of appearing on the fireman through line 659 of the Fireman zombie clothing.xml file. The point is that this link is very important for the creation of clothing MODS as the textures and respawns are being directed through these XML. To maintain a standardization in the MOD based on the base coding, the question remains. How are these codes generated? If they are generated randomly, how should I proceed to create new ones without repeating any code from the base of the game so as not to generate errors?
  13. Eggtooth


    So after some time I seem to get stuttering regardless of mods I use. Hitching happens after some time driving around. It's a one second lag, everyone second, which makes game unplayable. My Rig is Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB RAM, GTX1070 8GB, Win 10.
  14. Sorry, but this is more like an excuse ... With the same success you can: - Why can a character read books and magazines in total darkness? Answer: Because Kentucky nights are too bright. Or else like this: - Because some people in Kentucky have cat-like vision ... Well this is generally nonsense to be honest with this perk! Ahaha. X-Men literally ... LOL. During my game experience (sandbox), the temperature in winter was always below zero Celsius ... and this is sorry for freezing everything and everyone, even during the day oddly enough. I agree, but if the sun falls to the surface, then the temperature of the object will be above the freezing point, but this will not happen in the shade.
  15. https://pastebin.com/HNnJQeSR When button "Items List" is pressed, nothing happens, but error in log file.
  16. I would love to be able to just take a trash can and put a garbage bag into it to collect water instead of crafting a shitty wooden crate to put a garbage bag in it to collect water.
  17. Wouldn't putting a freezer or cooler outside work? Just throw some fresh snow/ice into it if its a particular sunny day. During the night even the inside of the cooler would cool down eventhough its isolated and then during the day it would stay kinda cold.
  18. I wish. Every food item that’s outside and on the floor would have to be added to a queue on load in and tracked in RAM,l (like how rain gathering containers, towels, and compost bins work now) if you didn’t want everything found in winter just to be fully frozen w/o the ability to thaw/rot or having to estimate what happened when it was unloaded (which always gets weird). Easy would be just using a specific box to do it instead. How well would this work in reality, though? Just wondering, because the sun does a pretty good job of thawing things near the surface of the snow layer. Burying a box in a couple feet of snow probably work, though? Reflective + insulating. But, Kentucky gets little snow and has pretty warm winters. Or maybe in shade with an old fridge / freezer could manage it. Buring in the ground probably wouldn’t work as only the first two or three Inches would get near freezing.
  19. Yep, it's a reccuring suggestion and I guess it wouldn't be too hard for devs to do it, if(temp<0){ do freezeFood()}, done, hire me TIS
  20. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    DiederikV, I planning on adding it to the existing world (and already done it). Most work right now - fix bugs in map and buildings. its a big map - i have more than 1k buildings in the city. (Sorry for mistakes, bad english)
  21. So much yes. Just putting the food in a box outside in freezing weather should be enough to make it stay "good".
  22. DavidBlane

    New Big City

    Nebula, not yet available for download. Still in the progress. But already done 85 %
  23. Please make the food freeze in cold weather. It hurts the eyes and brain, when in winter, when cold, foods begin to deteriorate, instead of freezing.
  24. Nebula

    New Big City

    Very interesting. Where can I download this city?
  25. I can imagine several perks involving violence; all of which could be counters to the Pacifism and Hemophobic debuffs. Here are mine... +Psychopath (Costs 10 trait points)- Increases the panic lost from killing enemies and makes panic harder to accumulate with more kills. +Slasher (Costs 14 trait points)- +1 to long blade, short blade and axe skills, reduces the chance of getting knives stuck in zombies, and makes it possible to start with a machete instead of a bat when starting with a starter pack.
  26. Last week
  27. In so far as decay is concerned, I think as long as you have it enabled in the settings, decay will weaken the zombies. And since the appearance should reflect the degree of decay they have, it would then follow that the more rotted it appears, the weaker the zombie is. I don't actually know if this is the case for sure though, you can test it out in game if you tinker with the zombie lore settings to ensure that decay is on.
  28. Instead of press/hold... How about hold/release ? this would work for controllers because far as I can tell, they initiate on release... so it would depend on whether the hold time is a tap or a hold.... sort of like powering up in some games for critical attack...
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