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  2. generic.username

    Split Screen Visuals

    The visuals for the 2nd player on split screen are not the same as the 1st player for me. Is this how it is supposed to be? This is for iwbums. ex. Rains indoors for 2nd player not 1st. Lighting is drastically different for 2nd player.
  3. Blake81


    They forgot to make a thread for it, tho....
  4. Yesterday
  5. Kennethdio

    Waffles vs Pancakes

    wow, 2 years has passed.
  6. trombonaught


    Gosh haven't looked there in ages despite preferring to read it there, thanks!
  7. RingoD123

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    The best thing to do is create 6 new layers in the Layers tab on the right of your image, name them the same as the 6 that are already there except change the "0"'s to "1"'s. If you the click on levels you will see that you have created a new level that replicates the first. Then just make sure you have the correct levels floor or vegitation layer selected and then place as normal.
  8. Last week
  9. Legoland99

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    I am struggling with TileZed a bit, I am trying to complete this street lamp but the problem is that I have no idea how to go to another floor in the TileZed so I can place it.
  10. MadDan2013


    There was, guess posting here was forgotten about though.
  11. trombonaught


    Is it just me or was there no Doid this week (18th)?
  12. DuckerMan

    Official Translation Files V2

    Hi. I'd like to help with Russian translation, because it's bad sometimes. My github nick is DuckerMan
  13. ZonaryQuasar

    Questions about gaining/loosing weight

    That's exactly what I needed to know! No more running around hoping that I'll lose weight The calories counter is indicated by the arrow next to the character's weight, I suppose. Thanks my friend!
  14. Geras

    Questions about gaining/loosing weight

    The truth is, you don't need to do anything physical to lose/gain weight. You can even stuff yourself with food and be "Well fed" all the time and still lose weight as long as you use low calorie foods like vegetables, berries, mushrooms, etc. The system behind gaining/loosing weight is there is a hidden calorie counter ranging from (iirc) -1500 to 1500 calories (or -3000 to 3000). As long as you stay in negative calories, you lose weight. If you stay in positive calories, you gain weight.
  15. Burleon

    my house

    Super cool dude, I love the trailer and the upper floors.
  16. Enoahe

    NULL in player name

    Hi, Currently it is possible to log in to MP server with non-printable ASCII (e.g., NULL) in character's name. I'm not sure how exactly people doing this, but they are doing this and game cannot handle it properly. For example, non-printable symbols will not be stored in log. For example, you have a player registered as "Sake\u0000nj". But in logs he'll be registered as "Sakenj". And it is a little bit harder to kick or ban this user by name - you need to look him up by partial match ot some property other than name to get his steamid. And, nope, AllowNonAsciiUsername option can't help with this due to NULL is in ASCII range. Currently we ban this users ASAP, but it'll be nice if they won't be able to log in at all. Thanks.
  17. That makes sense @RingoD123! Perhaps putting the arrows a bit further back than 10 tiles? That seems somewhat soon... I suppose you guys will find out once you test out how quick you can react to the arrow based on how far it is! Or making it so the lane markers on the roads turn from a single dashed yellow (which in the US indicate "you can pass") to a double solid yellow earlier than the turn arrow? Double solid yellow lines prohibit passing, usually b/c you're approaching a sharp turn, an intersection, or a hill that'd block your vision of the other lane.
  18. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)

    Oh oh. how often did the game start flying on this map. What about the remake of the map?
  19. Хибити\Hibiti [BLR]

    Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)

    Thuztor Your map is good. When I have free time, I will deal with textures x2
  20. Bourbon

    The gun nut thread

    What kind of AR did you build? I myself dont own one, even though i shot many, it is to mainstream for my tastes No offence to your choice, it is the best option, but not the coolest. A Tavor would be a cool bulpup, have you heard of the MDR bulpup from destert tech?
  21. Kim Jong Un


    A toolbox container would definitely be a great idea. It could easily work similar to the first aid kits that we find, as to not complicate things.
  22. Kim Jong Un


    Thank you for the response, @RingoD123. It may be a more feasible request to have a simple static compass put on the corner ingame map items (perhaps the legend), maybe in the future when there aren't things of higher priority going on. It's a small detail, but it could easily clear up any disagreements when I can't readily send people that image. Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing what you guys pull off in the next build.
  23. RingoD123


    As axezombie said, the game's camera does not rotate, so North, East, West and South always face the same directions, meaning a compass would be useless as they do not mark your current position on a map, that would be some kind of GPS system which I dont beleive would have been around back when this game is based. No matter where in the game world you are, these are always the "compass directions": So adding a "compass" to the game would be nothing more than a static image/set of icons that basically do the same as the image above, which would be kind of pointless. As Kim Jong Un pointed out, the main consideration is with regards to in game maps, as they can be presented in isometric format, like the game itself, or in top down format, like this: The above image is top down, the top of the image is North, any map that is top down like this will always have the top of the image as North. If you find it hard to work out the directions compared to the isometric game world then just imagine rotating this map 45 degrees to the right to make a diamond shape, North is now the same direction on the map as it is in game. Isometric in game maps already fully match their directions with the actual game world, like so: Anyone using a different version of North, East, West and South, are using them wrong, maybe show them the first image I posted above as a reference. Along with N, E, W, S, It could be useful to also use directions such as "screen up" instead of "North West", "screen down" instead of "South East", and again, these directions never change.
  24. Kim Jong Un


    There was a lot of talk about this on a thread a little while back. So far, many people want the compass - enough to not just ignore them because experienced players don't need it. It certainly seems to come up enough that we should actually explore this as a possibility rather than immediately dismiss it. The problem with the camera angle of the game being an end-all be-all is that we also have access to maps that are not oriented in the same direction. It is very clear that these maps are intended to lead players towards hidden items and provide some kind of direction for different elements of gameplay (hordes, loot, ex-bases) and therefore, there is merit to establish which way is which if one were to try and direct other players using these maps. The maps aren't difficult to understand, but still - Right now we have "map north" which isn't exactly the same as "top of the screen" North. Also, providing directions for friends and deciding in-game on what the orientation is. That is a very valid point, one that wasn't successfully ruled out in the last discussion. Having been involved in multiple groups, "top of the screen" and "top right of the screen" and "head right" all mean totally different things from server to server. As much as this was repeated on the last thread, no, there is no solid, stated consensus on this. Is teleporting players the easy answer to write it off - no, it isn't, since using commands for stuff like travel is considered taboo for a lot of people, and a lot of players (like the folks on my server and those that I've joined) play without the use of commands exclusively for the sake of having the fun challenge of playing the game as intended. I guess it is also a valid point that it may not be as fruitful to implement a navigation object that becomes obsolete through player experience. I think giving an official in-game decision on what's north and what is actually northwest could benefit everyone though, so there is at least more cohesion there. That's my 2c of the USD. Have a wonderful day!
  25. The Deadlands RP

    The Deadlands RP

    Character Spotlight 1: Lincoln Whittaker - Route 281 Name: Lincoln Whittaker Aliases: Whit, Red Age: 37 Gender: Male Origins: Brownwood, Texas Status: Alive __________________________________________ At some point in the evening while half asleep, his third day on the road surrounded by people he was still yet unfamiliar, slumped in a shallow ditch a mile off the interstate, a child attached himself to Whit's proximity. The boy must have been alone, he assumed, as there didn't seem a soul otherwise preoccupied with his well-being. His face and hands were blackened by soot, streaks cascading down his face where tears had once accumulated, leaving his skin exposed only in those solemn strips that dried along the cut of his jaw. Everything he wore lead Whit to believe he'd emerged in solitude at the expense of some disastrous shortcoming, a lone survivor. He was naught but ten. Twelve at the oldest. Trailing in tandem, it would have been cruel to disavow his company. Like each morning passed since flight from Brownwood, their ragged band of miscreants stirred from fitful slumber at the first signs of a stranger rising. They had, in the first two days, only lost a handful of their congregation. Whether they had strayed too far and lost account, or had they -- in one instance -- been devoured before daylight, none of them slept more than a wink, and often with one eye open, had they even slept at all. Everyone was depleted, Whit among them, and the boy was faring worse than most. On more than one occasion, Whit was forced to turn around and drag the child back to the others while the party marched nearer the Oklahoma border, hastened footsteps met with purpose to the baking blacktop that patched the asphalt of Route 377, but it was steadily driving the pair toward the brink of oblivion. When they flanked the edge of Dallas, west of Weatherford and crossing then onto the 281, aimed at Decatur, the boy sat himself in the middle of the road and protested he'd move no further. While he kicked and screamed, crying like a wounded animal, Whit tossed him over his shoulder and carried him until the fourth night fell. An hour into the evening, however, after they'd stop to rest, a small crowd of leering corpses intercepted their trajectory to devastating effects. In the aftermath of that chaotic scuffle, more than half of those weary souls traveling in their midst had succumbed to bites and scratches, forcing hard decisions upon the remnants unscathed. Families shared parting words, while others not granted the grace of heartfelt goodbyes wept for loss, and with their individual duties done, they piled their lifeless husks clumsily for fear of lingering a moment too late in that cursed stretch of Northern Texas. It seemed barbaric to leave them there above ground, but so few had ate since departure, both their energy and spirit were waning. Each second had tugged Whit closer to the earth for sake of respite. He hadn't the heart to mourn a man unbeknownst their will and memoir, but a child was effortless; adrift on the wind, a fleeting sort of connection to what was and what might have been. The boy could not understand this new world any clearer than a worm the scale of time, but realizing now as their passage pushed forward that he had been separated, Whit wandered again, over a wire fence and leaned against a lonesome shack -- a flattened plain -- where the boy rested immobile in the dirt. Blood caked in the soil, a thick, expansive pool. His breath was stilled, his flesh still warm to the touch, and though it could not be spared the urgency with which the others had left their darlings to rot among reanimated cadavers, he dug with his hands a narrow grave and left him there, at last to find peaceful accord with the universe. __________________________________________ Meet Whit and many more survivors like him in The Deadlands.
  26. Axezombie


    but why do you need a compass if the game's camera can't move? North is always up, south always down etc Maybe what you mean is having real coordinates like on a GPS
  27. character should be able to pull out from water certain non-fish item with fishing rod like: -branch -twigs -dirty rags -tin cans -sometimes crankbaits lost by pre-apocalyptic fishermans long ago well... lets just say,mostly trash
  28. MrTrololo


    some time passed since we have maps but currently ther are not very useful, at least for me,but compass would change this: position of character would be displayed on map(assuming character checking proper one)if compass is in eq. of course would be useless without any maps. that would be useful feature for example mark already looted places or to know how to get to certain places
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