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  2. Survivor Stories RP

    [24/7][RP][Whitelist]Survivor Stories RP

    Survivor Stories: The Project Zomboid Roleplay Experience We begin in June of 1996, the last of the regional governments have collapsed. The old world is dead and forgotten, destroyed by the work of Dr. Klepper. You wake up after staying in a house in Slocan Lake, British Columbia for the evening, trying to survive. Thoughts of the news reports you witnessed from around the world of the events that have transpired would be ingrained in your memory. You find an old radio, still crackling with static. Where do you go from here..? ---- Survivor Stories is a roleplay experience that is tailored to have the stories of each survivor eventually intertwine and gain meaning and development through staff-run events and the natural course of conflict and drama that would arise in a post-apocalyptic scenario. We aim to… Provide an experience that is both immersive and stays true to the core mechanics of Project Zomboid. and... Create a community where everyone can feel comfortable and create to their heart’s content! ---- We have a Discord server where you can apply and join in on the fun: We also have an assortment of mods such as Hydrocraft, ORGM, and other quality of life mods to make your experience even more fun! Survivor Stories PZRP is always looking for more to join our community as we get together to build a dramatic narrative in the zombie apocalypse.
  3. Atoxwarrior

    Highway roads, military/SWAT grade vehicles and skyscrapers !

    something like that? This is a work in progress.
  4. Nebula


    Do you ever implement manual gear shifting (manual gearbox)? Also interested - Low and high beam.
  5. Okamikurainya

    Kentucky Map

    Going off the map's coordinates, and assuming a maximum of 50x and 50y, this is the area that has been set aside for the game. Now, fun fact, despite the game area originally being called "Knox County", the ingame area actually spans 4 Kentucky counties (Hardin, Meade, Jefferson and Bullitt) and the real world Knox County Kentucky is many, many miles to the south east, nowhere near the actual game territory. The game area also includes a nice chunk of the Harrison County of Indiana, and maybe a little of Floyd County. Basically all the area across the Ohio River, which makes up a good chunk of cells, with the small community of "New Boston, IN" being at approximately Cell 30x20.
  6. Last week
  7. Hi, As for now, internet server list advertises servers by their IP addresses only. It would be awfully nice if there'll be an option to use hostname instead of IP address there - for cases when your server IP address changes. This way, if server IP address changes, you (as a server admin) can update single dns record and players won't notice a thing. Otherwise you need to make a lot of hassle updating your save folder name. Yes, I know that you can manually add hostname instead of IP address if you add server to favorites manually. But majority of players are using internet server list. (Well, another solution to this problem would be to store character save files on server side, but I believe this is already planned to do). Thanks.
  8. Sick Boy


    So, that sound is awful and horrible and grating and I love it, it's perfect for mailboxes and other small metal type objects. I hope the tree sounds get changed to something more mangled brush-rustle sound. Which it probably will, I did notice it said the sound effects were temporary, but I have to say, if you can differentiate between brush and more solid debris sounds that'd be perfect. The body sounded more "body rolling beneath the undercarriage" than "speed bump" which is awesome. But I might be imagining that. If not, that sounded pretty darn good.
  9. Hydromancerx

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v.11.1 has been released! Which includes... LUA Changes - Added Hemp to Potted Planting - Added Beer Can Packs, Jello Mold, Large Can of Coffee, Alcoholic Beverages Cookbook, Coffee Filter Box to Item Distribution - Increased Baking Tray, Electric Clamp, Coffee Filter spawn rate - Fixed Honey Barrel not turning into Mead Barrel - Juices can now only be made with Fresh fruits - Reduced MRE Spawn and will give less MREs per box - Fixed Cougar Hunting - Small changes to farming code that will (hopefully) resolve rare cases of Hydrocraft crops breaking on server crash - Removed remaining HCTireiron associations Added/Changed/Removed Recipes - Bar/Drinks Overhaul - Need to read the Alcoholic Beverages Cookbook to learn recipes - Rework of Irish Coffee recipes - now uses a Glass of Whiskey instead of whole bottle and does not use whole coffee recipient anymore - Coffee Overhaul - New Large Can of Coffee item, can make Kettle of Coffee and pour into cups - Renamed "Regular" Coffee (Coffee2) to Instant Coffee - Can make Instant Coffee directly with a Cup of Water - Changed Katana sound - same sound as swords - Increased Whipped Cream Can to 50 hunger - Can now boil water in Canteens/Birch Bark cup - Adjusted weight of Cookie Bags - Making Gunpowder and base game bullets now require Gunsmithing Book - Added nutritional value to Classic Canned Soup - Added "Empty" Container for food recipes - Added Chocolate and Vanilla pudding recipes - Added Pipe recipes with Pipe molds - Added Make Metal Bar recipes - Added Bar Mold item & recipe - Added Craftable Windows & Windshields - Added Empty Ink Well & Ink Well recipes along with the recycle recipe - Added Quill item & recipe & icon - Added Recycle Aluminum (Empty Propane Tank) recipe - Added All Pallet of Ingots - Pack / Unpack recipes - Added dismantle recipe for Iron & Steel Pulleys - Added Recycle Recipes from Iron Wheel & Steel Wheel - Added Scrap Aluminum & Scrap Plastic & Scrap Rubber and respective recycle recipes - Added Dismantling for Scissor Lift, Fork Lift, Van de Graff, SteplAddeder and Copy Machine - Added Copy Machine with Generator item & recipe / Added Return Generator from Copy Machine with Generator recipe - Added Brass Sheet & Brass Scrap and its respective craft and recycle recipes - Added Rubber Belt item & recycle recipe - Added Pallets of Steel Sheet, Copper Sheet, Rubber Sheet, Tin Sheet, Iron Sheet, Metal Bars, Aluminum Pipes items and their respective recipes - Added Dismantling for Pallet Truck, Toy Wagon, Hand Dolly, Shopping Cart, Push Cart, Glove Box, Lawn Mower, Radiator, Projector, Bed Strings - Added Coffee Filter Box - Added Custom Smoking Sound (Thanks jiggawutt!) - Removed PVC pipes to steel recipe - Removed "Cut Steel Pipes" book recipes - Removed 2 old recipes in Welding Textbook (Construct Barricades) - Removed Hot Cuppa recipes and items (replaced by new Coffees) Fixed Recipes - Fixed Jar Homemade Yogurt Recipe - Fixed Empty Baking Tray Recipe (Wrong name for Baking Tray with Fruit) - Fixed Make Homemade Pancake Batter Recipe - Fixed sounds when breaking Wood/Metal items (knives etc.) - Fixed Grits and Cheesy Grits "Make bowl" recipe - Fixed Juice packet not being used when Mixing MRE drink - Fixed SmithingMag4 not returning correct magazine after reading - Fixed Typo in Boredom value of HCMREmeal and HCMREmealside Art Changes - Added 2x Chicken Coop - Added 2x Chicken Coop - Added 2x Gardening Bench - Added 2x Oil Press - Added 2x Dissection Table - Added 2x Grind Stone - Added 2x Stonewheel - Added Homemade, Chocolate Chip Cookie, White Chocolate Cookie Trays - Fixed size of Workbenches, MRE Pallets and various other textures - Fixed broken icon on Empty Evaporated Milk - Also properly named - Renamed Pies, Pumpkin Bread icons to change state properly when Cooked Tested bug reports - No issues found (build 40.43) - Problems with bullets boxes - Hydrocraft add recipes to make boxes of 9mm, .223, .308 and shotgun bullets - recipe to open the boxes are included in base game - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  10. thirteenth

    There is no way to the main menu

    yes, this is a piece of the same cake.
  11. Enoahe

    There is no way to the main menu
  12. Okamikurainya

    Interactive Crafting Tables to Clean up the GUI

    What about a crafting tab? Not as indepth as the recipe menu, but part of the inventory itself. Click it and it will show you all the items you're currently capable of crafting. You can right click on the item you want to confirm or just double click the item and you'll instantly set about crafting it? This will free up right click menu space... And speaking of right click space... Perhaps you could move the Carpentry Menu to holding ctrl with a hammer equipped and right clicking? You'll be "readying your tools" and there might be less visual noise to find what you need? Same could be done for the Metalworking with the blowtorch and welding mask equipped?
  13. Tails


    Getting excited for that new vehicle design.
  14. ZombieHunter

    Interactive Crafting Tables to Clean up the GUI

    Ya that's why I didn't want it to be a separate object. Simply an added flag which is just an extra line of code the game checks to essentially "hide" the options in specific windows.
  15. EnigmaGrey

    Interactive Crafting Tables to Clean up the GUI

    For the sake of explaining it only, not necessarily disagreeing: Because to the game, they're all crafting: recipes and evolved recipes. Opening a can creates a new opened can object. Putting items into a box, creates a new box item that contains a certain quantity of nails ( but these nails don't actually exist until they're unpacked ). It'd take up a lot more memory and hard drive space gone if they were distinct objects throughout. They're not actions in other words. Flagging them as actions, does make a kind of sense though and I'm all for making the crafting UI simpler. It's just kind of ironic that this is basically the right click menu already in the game, in what you only see the available actions / crafting options for the item that you just clicked.
  16. ZonaryQuasar

    Interactive Crafting Tables to Clean up the GUI

    I agree 200% that actions should be removed from the crafting window. I said somewhere the exact same thing, doesn't make sense to have "open can", "place nails in box", "open box of nails" in a crafting window, since that's not crafting, just actions.
  17. One thing I really am not fond of in Project Zomboid is its GUI - it is just a massive amount of screens and options which is essentially dumped into a single massive crafting window. Many games simplify the crafting element by having specific objects to focus on specific crafting elements. An only shows those associated crafting Recipes when you interact with that object. This would cut down on the crafting GUI exponentially. This is seen in games like Fallout New Vegas, Starbound, Subnautica, etc. Also moving specific actions from that crafting GUI through special flags to separate; Actions ( opening \ packaging ) Crafting ( combining two items ) So actions are not displayed in the crafting window but only displayed on direct interaction would again reduce the amount of crafting GUI spam. Instead specifically for packaging, it will list it is possible but the icon will be greyed out when you try to interact with something where you don't have enough to package it. --- Finally, quick filters for GUI would help go a long way by way of tabs To display only food items \ weapons \ etc. Instead of scrolling down and up.
  18. Okamikurainya

    Bloody Age

    It's always bugged me that the zombies in Zomboid have bright red blood and that that never really seems to change... With the animation update on the way, and with it clothing and all sorts of overlays for bleeding and blood splatter, it would be the perfect time for a change in this. Now, from what I know, Zombie age is already tracked. This would be an extension of that. Fresh Zeds could be as they are now, big bags of oxygenated hemoglobin. But then each week that they exist the blood will gradually shift colour. Going from a bright red, to a dark dried blood texture before changing to a fleshy, goopy brown liquid. Harkening back to an older post of mine: The blood colour could tie into the infectiousness of the Zombies and make the blood splatter something to fear and make the "Blood" part of the "Blood+Saliva" actually a factor. A simple 16 colour scale could be used, with the first red having a +0% modifier, but each blood colour level adding a +0.4% risk of infection via blood getting in an open wound or scratches, leaving the oldest with an extra 6% chance of infecting you. A balance to their general weakness at that age. What y'all think?
  19. Okamikurainya

    Custom Tile Templates

    Updated with wall tile templates. If a mod would be so kind as to maybe move this to Tutorials and Resources? Think it would be better suited there. Edit: Updated floor tiles with transparency.
  20. CTN Phaco

    Starting with items related to occupation

    So if you spend some times you could maybe have a toolbox somewhere in your starting house or in your shed if you have one. It seems logical to me carpenters or electrician have all their tools in a box they carry with them. About spawning in your starting house or at work, it really depends on the lore and they told us they'll change it. If you are a cooker you could have more ingredients or something different in your counters and maybe more kitchen knives (one for the bread, one for meat, one for... Well, a true pro! ) To fit the lore in 6 Months Later mode, i think the loot in this box should be adapted (less loot) though.
  21. Okamikurainya

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    I've been pouring through the forum and google for a good while now and I've not been able to find anything regarding as to what each Foraging Zone is for. I was wondering, when you can, if you could add that into the tutorial? It would help a lot. The names are mostly self explanatory for where they go, but which ones allow for actual foraging? Which ones do what? These things are still left pretty ambiguous. Thanks in advance! The guide here is helping a lot.
  22. thirteenth

    There is no way to the main menu

    If the server has a low speed Internet connection, then, when trying to enter the server, the message "Failed to downlod map from server." is displayed. And there is no opportunity to go to the main menu. You can only go to the desktop.
  23. Wayfarer


    Wow, that new rotation is looking great! Very excited to play with the new animations, when it's all nice and ready Have you thought about some degree, or some cases of rotation being head-only? Say the first x% of the rotation the character turns their head first, before their torso?
  24. trombonaught


    Great god in heaven there's a man in that car! Totally wasn't expecting to see that for a couple IWBUMS releases at least. Nice.
  25. MrPancake

    Pixelated texture bug

    ty dude
  26. poodude28


    Starting to get excited again!
  27. Myssiv


    I don't know why but I really wanted to see Yuri ram both the short and tall trees at max speed. Ah well. At any rate, I'm looking forward to that final rotation video, so hopefully we can get it soon!
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