Ceiling not vanishing

The issue of player made ceilings not vanishing when under them still remains, even into 31.2.


This issue is also seen in the new denver map on certain buildings. If I remember right, a post was made about this being something needed to be updated from the maps end... which I guess is a lost cause for that mod as it appears to no longer be managed. Which stinks as this is a large map no longer able to be used.  The post saying that the map mod ones were different and part of the map mod is in a thread that appears to no longer exist.


Naturally, this is a game killing issue and means we cant use the vehicle branch at all if it does this. Interesting though that while under it I cant see through it but once i go above it, I can then see through it. 






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Batsphinx Batsphinx changed status to: Confirmed.
Batsphinx Batsphinx changed status to: Fix Committed.

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