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    • Ou now nou wi nou da turht! Devilopirs are lazy ases ! they cant evin make enpeces! Oh and ewven the modmaker made it! Oh my thgey are so retarbeb!~ And no wories that dis mod is broken bagy and owerpouwered its a mastapiece! Seriously, wth is wrong with you?
    • 1. Cool, then i screwed up. Never noticed it before you. 2. The skill system is broken, this is why you don't need to level many of them to do something. Talking about "you're nothing" i mean that you can't craft -6000 hunger food with 0 level of cooking and etc. Farming? Farming is nuff said - the most useless skill in the game. 
    • No offense, but this is a small indie game you bought, and your tone is pretty overly professional and weird. All your posts are pretty pedantic. You say you aren't alleging being misled or malice on part of the devs as if this was a court room. Yeah, the NPC dev time is sorta crazy, I think most people agree it's been too long even if there's reason for it. But "failure to read the fine print as if it was a high-dollar contract", really? You bought a game on Steam and didn't read the store page on it all the way, and it's not long or hard to read. I'm sure everyone has done it before so it's not a big deal, but comparing it in that way is frankly ridiculous.   I advise trying out multiplayer with friends who might be into the game or otherwise finding people to play with somewhere. It makes the game a lot less lonely and humans are smarter than any AI, and you can get organised, do different tasks, take different professions and builds to compliment each other. Or else if you strongly prefer single player, try out the Survivors mod. Try to appreciate the game for what it is rather than what it could be and you'll be a lot happier with it.
    • Aiming So, I'm wrong on this one, fine. I tested it out, and you guys are right, aiming doesnt really do jack shit to your chance to hit people, all the guns work fine so long as your brave and on beta blockers.   Fitness I challenge you to go out ON A NEW SAVE and survive ANY amount of time you like and gain a fitness xp point, just 1 xp gained from 0. 
      And my personal advice to you is to not accept this challenge because you will NEVER complete it until an indiestone dev finds this article and goes digging into the games programming and finds out why you will stay at 0xp gained forever.   lolwut? This is how all skills work - at zero level you're nothing. Blade accuracy, cooking, first aid, farming, carpentry, metalworking, electrical, sprinting, blade guard You can get by just fucking fine at level 0 for all these skills, in fact, I never have a hard time leveling these up at all because at level 0 I'm able to do so much I don't need any additional level ups to help. In fact, the only skills I can think of that I mentioned here even worth leveling up are cooking and sprinting, and carpentry too but there's so many tables and chairs that carpentry is just, free level ups. 
    • Decided to check back in on Project Zomboid after being away for a year to find a few minor improvements which include a vehicle system but I have to agree with the OP in that the excuses are rather bullcrap as far as the NPCs go.   I DO remember the original NPCs that were in the game 7 years ago......let that sink in SEVEN YEARS AGO.  Even starting from scratch after the laptop incident shouldn't have taken this long to produce SOMETHING.   I'm sorry but taking this long to get stuff done is on the lines of Duke Nukem Forever in that what the hell is going on 99% of the time with development?   There are tons of people giving them pats on the back for what is done and what is done is done well it is just the progress rate is inexcusable at any level of developer.  No way these features should take this long with a dedicated dev team working on them.   To put things in perspective Project Zomboid was one of the first games released on Steam Greenlight in the top 10 from what I remember.   I do hope things improve but that is a pipe dream at this point.  I've watched games go from idea stage to release and the devs make ANOTHER GAME after that in the scope Project Zomboid has been worked on.   Now that that has been said Project Zomboid is a good game and I hope that they finish it soon but we all know that isn't going to happen.   Hey go ahead and prove me wrong, I really hope that you do prove me wrong.